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PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 2W ago

Prepping for spring

Today the garden shone from the rain of the last two days, but it was dry enough to work. The light was great, the sun trying to get from behind the clouds and illuminating the yellow and or...
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 3W ago

A day with Phi Sigma Pi

On Sunday, October 15th four UVA students in the gender inclusive Phi Sigma Pi service fraternity came to volunteer in the garden. We learned all about what happens in the community garden a...
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 1M ago

Late summer’s events

Trying to get caught up on events that have been occurring. We were visited by UVA students participating in Project SERVE and played host to teams from UVA and Enterprise during the United ...
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 4M ago


Henry, This one’s for you! Hope NY is treating you well and you find yourself some soil to grow in. Working in the garden this fine Saturday morning, I watched a blue heron take off and soar...
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 4M ago

One Friday, two interns

The weather is getting hotter, but our two interns are still wearing smiles. Here are Izaiah and Zavion on their second Friday, prepping the next bed for fall crop planting.
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 4M ago

Summer gardening interns

Two new interns through the Community Attention Youth Internship Program (CAYIP) are joining us for six weeks in the garden this summer. They are getting an education about what it takes to ...
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 7M ago


Recently we tested a few of our eight raised beds and found that they’re generally in good shape but could use a few amendments. A local farmer was awesome enough to drop us off a load of ma...
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 7M ago

UVA’s The Big Event

On Saturday, April 8th. students participating in UVA’s Big Event came to the garden. We had a lot of fun working in the native plant beds and prepping some of the vegetable beds for plantin...
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 7M ago

Revving up for Spring

We’re still weeks away from the last frost date for this region, but things are heating up in the garden. Madison House has begun visiting, the beds are tilled up the asparagus are starting ...
PVCC Horticulture & Environmental · 10M ago

A 2016 Thank You

Welcome to 2017! While it may be cold outside and the possibility of snow is looming, I’d like to take just a moment to look back at the 2016 year and thank those who volunteered in the comm...