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Questechie · 3d ago

YouTube 30-second Ads getting Axed!

Google has announced that starting 2018, the unskippable YouTube ads which runs for 30-second before any video play, will be discontinued to give way for... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 6d ago

Facebook Eases Hiring Employees with new Jobs tool

Facebook is rolling out new Jobs tool for businesses to post job openings, and for job seekers to hunt for jobs on the social network. The new feature is... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 1W ago

Is Android and Windows 10 on path to convergence with Project Rome SDK?

Microsoft announced "Project Rome SDK" for Android, a cross-platform effort to connect Android devices to Windows 10 machines, allowing for the Control of... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 1W ago

Get VR contents direct on browser with Chrome app

Now, virtual reality (VR) experience is even a step closer than you can imagine, with Google's immersive browsing capability on Chrome, which enable users to... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 1W ago

How Facebook Safety Check helps in an Emergency

Safety Check is a feature on Facebook that enable users in a given geographic area mark themselves as safe after disasters, such as an earthquake; giving... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 1W ago

Banned Uber Drivers; Here are 5 Alternatives

While Uber remains the leading taxi-hailing service, most of its partner drivers have been screwed up, owing to bad ratings by riders, a partner driver's... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 1W ago

Pinterest Lens turns real world Objects into Digital Ads

Pinterest, the reinvented visual discovery platform, has announced a new online tool, Lens, which uses the camera in the app to discover objects in the real... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 2W ago

What Google Cloud Search debut on G Suite means for users?

Formerly known as Springboard, Google Cloud Search is a new product that uses machine intelligence to provide a unified search experience across G Suite. It... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 2W ago

Google ending Gmail support on Chrome for Windows XP and Vista

Google has announced its planned discontinuation of support for Gmail on Chrome browser versions 53 and earlier by the end of the year, and specifically... Click here for more >>
Questechie · 2W ago

Google brings Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to Android with Chrome 57 Beta

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as a new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web, denotes new application development method, whereby mobile applications... Click here for more >>