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Rabid Reads Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Book Reviews.

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Aj Stevens

Reads about: cats, books, humor, pets, animals

Marylee Macdonald

Reads about: books, reviews, writing, reading, book reviews

Jaidis Shaw

Reads about: books, reviews, writing, reading, authors

Jeannie Gallagher Do... Writer, Artist, Dog Rescuer

Reads about: books, writing, art, reviews, crafts

Chege Kuria

Reads about: reviews, politics, social media, giveaways, technology

Samantha Maren Carpe... Romance book blogger and special education teacher. I love to read contemporary romance, new adult, ...

Reads about: books, young adult, paranormal, reviews, romance

Christine Ó Cheallai...

Reads about: writing, books, fantasy, authors, spirituality

Debra Schoenberger

Reads about: books, reviews, book reviews, giveaways, reading

Lisa Davall

Reads about: books, reviews, authors, paranormal, young adult

Angi Cox Travis Atch...

Reads about: crafts, design, marketing, beauty, scrapbooking

Roxanne Arcement Hi! My name is Roxanne and I love to crochet and am trying to start a blog! I am very interested in ...

Reads about: reviews, technology, giveaways, marketing, business

Jodi Rice Naylor I'm an avid reader,reviewer, and book blogger for authors main genres I review are Romance, contempo...

Reads about: erotica, romance, writing, books, erotic romance

Felecia Marie Mulkey

Reads about: romance, erotica, books, reviews, book reviews

Daccari Buchelli

Reads about: books, book reviews, reading, reviews, romance

Kathylauren Miller Educator, author and avid reader.

Reads about: books, reading, writing, reviews, authors

Tami Jarecki Lund Author. Wine Drinker. Lover of romance. Writing happily ever afters, one book at a time. Stalk me on...

Reads about: books, writing, romance, reading, reviews

April Clements

Reads about: reviews, family, giveaways, parenting, books

Brenda Kness

Reads about: books, reviews, book reviews, giveaways, writing

Elizabeth Noreen New... a writer, blogger, and photographer. I review books & films, interview authors, and write short stor...

Reads about: books, writing, reviews, book reviews, travel

James D Okun

Reads about: reviews, giveaways, books, authors, family

Kariny Venkatasamy

Reads about: ya, books, reviews, young adult, paranormal

এম এম কামরুল ইসলাম

Reads about: books, photos, reviews, writing, family

R.K. Lander

Reads about: books, writing, author, authors, reviews

Feďãĺľ Ķàštřô Anwar

Reads about: books, movies, authors, entertainment, reviews

Freddy Moulard

Reads about: books, art, spirituality, photography, reviews

Boundless Minds

Reads about: books, reviews, blog tours, writing, authors

Christine Thomson

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, authors, reviews

John Leutz

Reads about: books, literature, writing, rpgs, poetry

Nancy Emmons Harris I am 33 yrs old and a wife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. I love ❤ to read books. I collect an...

Reads about: books, music, reviews, writing, reading

Angell Cardoso Uma mulher com sonhos de menina, sentimentos de criança mas que ao mesmo tempo que é tudo isso se de...

Reads about: cooking, food, books, livros, recipes

Harry Grove

Reads about: crafts, books, paranormal, scrapbooking, writing

Bren Murphy Author and Self Help Alcoholism expert sharing service and reviews.

Reads about: writing, books, reviews, health, publishing

Isa Jones We are two bloggers who love helping Authors. We offer affordable Promotion Services. We strive to p...

Reads about: books, reviews, reading, paranormal, interviews

Sam Gregory I am an author and journalist.

Reads about: books, writing, reviews, horror, book reviews

Otatade Okojie

Reads about: business, books, reviews, marketing, writing

Jason Hoskins

Reads about: paranormal, ghost hunting, ufo, conspiracy, ghosts

Elena Carrier hi my is gabby

Reads about: fashion, paranormal, books, art, family

Amanda B Gillespie

Reads about: books, reviews, giveaways, young adult, reading

国際 電子

Reads about: reviews, children, giveaways, lifestyle, family

Khaled Hamza

Reads about: books, writing, literature, poetry, reviews

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