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Ragged Old Blogger · 2M ago

Southmead Hospital.

I want to sing the praises of all levels of staff at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, particularly in these very difficult times for the NHS.My husband spent three weeks there early last year,...
Ragged Old Blogger · 2M ago

Season's Greetings.

Wishing all my lovely friends on Blogger a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Ragged Old Blogger · 3M ago

This and that.

It's amazing what comes to light when you have a clear out.   I was sorting through a box of bits and came across these monoprints.  Nothing special, but I could draw into them to sharpen up...
Ragged Old Blogger · 4M ago

Another book.

I have always liked and admired the work of William Morris and did a project on it some years ago.  I have 2 or 3 books about him and recently looked through them after receiving a pack of 5...
Ragged Old Blogger · 5M ago

And About Time Too!!

I have had these photos on my camera for about a fortnight and have only just got round to putting them on my blog.   Where does the time go?    Here are the remaining pages of my book start...
Ragged Old Blogger · 6M ago

Nose to the Grindstone.

Last weekend I had a wonderful time on one of Frances Pickering's workshops.  This year's theme was Town or Country.  As you will see I chose Country.  It was held at Hawkwood College, near ...
Ragged Old Blogger · 7M ago

Slow Progress.

I have finished all the pages of my book at last.
Ragged Old Blogger · 8M ago

Chaos reigns!

As you can see, chaos reigns on my worktable which was beautifully tidy a few weeks ago.I haven't got very far with my fabric book of memories of my grandmother, but here are the four pages ...
Ragged Old Blogger · 9M ago

I've almost forgotten how to do a blog post!

It's been so hot and humid today that I haven't had the energy to do any gardening, but it has been my main pastime for several weeks now.   While I was out there taking these photos a bumbl...
Ragged Old Blogger · 10M ago

Light at the end of the tunnel.

There has been little of interest to post here for some time, but we are settling into our new routine and life is getting easier.A few weeks ago I treated myself to this book by Roxanne Eva...