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RainbowsWithinReach Arts!! Children's music, author/illustrator, teacher trainer
RainbowsWithinReach · 8M ago

Professional Development Opportunity with Mr. Greg + Debbie Clement

 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTI am truly honored to be joining my friend "Mr. Greg" in a day of...
RainbowsWithinReach · 8M ago

Remembering September 11th in Song + Children's Patriotic Artwork

SEPTEMBER ELEVENTHFifteen. Fifteen years. Fifteen anniversaries. Fifteen. I know I remember the specific shade of blue of the sky on that Tuesday. I know where I was. I know what I was doing.Our annual Artist-in-the-Schools open house was cancelled. ...
RainbowsWithinReach · 8M ago

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat 9/6 Developing a Culture of #STEM

Hope you had a great weekend! Time to regroup with your Twitter #TeacherFriends and get this year expanded on all things #STEM! Tonight at 9PM we welcome Jonathan Gerlach to our spotlight as...
RainbowsWithinReach · 8M ago

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat: Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E. with LaVonna Roth

Tuesday: Time to gather with your #TeacherFriends. We're gearing up to begin a very inspirational Twitter chat! We are thrilled to welcome LaVonna Roth to our spotlight as our #GuestEduCeleb...
RainbowsWithinReach · 9M ago

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat "Why Words Matter" with Big Word Club!

TUESDAY TIME WITH YOUR #TEACHERFRIENDS!!!!Did you mark your calendar? August can throw a wrench into your schedule. So I'm here to remind you....... your  PLN {Professional Learning Network}...
RainbowsWithinReach · 9M ago

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat on a Growth Mindset in Education

TUESDAY Twitter! Tuesday TWITTER! TUESDAY TWITTER!!! What a terrific topic!!! GROWTH MINDSET! 
RainbowsWithinReach · 9M ago

Student Choice/Student Voice! Alternative Seating + Makers: Empowerment

Every parent and every grandparent wants what is best for their children. Every teacher and every principal wants what is best for their students. Our toddlers of today will be leaving their college classrooms somewhere around the year 2036. How are ...
RainbowsWithinReach · 9M ago

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat: "Books for Back-to-School"

TUESDAY! TWITTER! #TeacherFriendsTime to visit with our peers and build our PLN. {Professional Learning Network} Come out this evening and visit with our GuestEduCelebrity DANA LESTER
RainbowsWithinReach · 9M ago

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat: Recharging for Back-to-School

#TeacherFriends Tuesday Twitter Chat! I have arrived safely in VEGAS for the annual SDE conference. This year I am contributing to the I Teacher PreK portion of the fun. Through the magic ar...
RainbowsWithinReach · 10M ago

A Teacher Tribute: End-of-Year Reflections (Begin w the End in Mind)

Welcome to my world.... an incredible place where Arts and Literacy strengthen each other and dreams come true! This is a place where my words on paper are transformed into songs. This is the land of rainbows where my fabric designs are quilted with ...