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RaMcom LLC · 2Y ago

Ramcom gives you the freedom of choice

When discussing the mass production of the automobile, Henry Ford once famously stated that customers can have any color car they want, as long as it’s black.  We’ve come a long way since th...
RaMcom LLC · 2Y ago

DIY Rustic Pantry Pocket Door

If you’ve ever heard the saying: “the shoemaker has no shoes,” then you can imagine what life has been like for my family living in a contractor’s home. Since moving into our fixer-upper las...
RaMcom LLC · 2Y ago

ABC Glass & Mirror – Highly Recommended!

Homeowners upgrading their old, tired, builder grade bathrooms have many wonderful high end materials to choose from these days. Among the most important features is how you choose to keep s...
RaMcom LLC · 2Y ago

Squirrels don’t make good electricians

We are in the middle of our second bathroom remodel for a great client who has some interesting stories of unfortunate experiences with contractors who had conducted work in their house in t...
RaMcom LLC · 2Y ago

Remodeling Tips, Tricks, How-to’s and Products

As some of you may know, my wife, Andrea, and I have recently purchased a fixer upper. Like many others, Andrea likes to spend her evenings watching many of the renovation shows on HGTV so s...