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Ramblin With AM · 8h ago

Latkes #FlavoursomeTuesday

Tonight, at sundown, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins.Hanukkah House, Binghamton, New YorkTomorrow, I will blog more about this year's visit to Hanukkah House, a museum in Binghamton, N...
Ramblin With AM · 1d ago

Christmas Music Written by Jews #MusicMovesMe

This seasonal post has become one of my favorite features on my blog.  For the first time, I am sharing it with my friends at Music Moves Me, where our December theme is Christmas music.But ...
Ramblin With AM · 2d ago

Age Is More Than a Number

I used to work for a man, a man who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, whose favorite expression was "age is only a number".  I haven't been in touch with him in over 15 years, but I knew ...
Ramblin With AM · 3d ago

Local Saturday - And Alabama Snow

Some pictures of the season where I live in upstate New York.  No snow to show you - not yet.But we have plenty of poinsettias in stores.And even a poinsettia tree.I know that my readers are...
Ramblin With AM · 4d ago

Supermoon at Sunrise - #SkywatchFriday

Monday, as the supermoon was setting and the sun was starting to dawn, I left for work.  I slammed my front door shut, and about two seconds later, realized I had left my purse in the house....
Ramblin With AM · 5d ago

The Disappearing Anniversary

Last year was the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor Day was the day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, which was not yet one of the 50 United Stat...
Ramblin With AM · 6d ago

Fall Fancies - Don't Disturb

Shhhh.Don't disturb the cozy cat.The cat sleeps in the midst of a noisy open house at a local gift shop, snuggled into some knitted hats and gloves, not caring what is happening, not worryin...
Ramblin With AM · 1w ago

Egg Creams #FavorsomeTuesdays

An exhibit on Jewish Food all over the world at a local museum led me into today's memory.Somewhere around the turn of the century (the 20th century, that is), a Jewish immigrant in Brooklyn...
Ramblin With AM · 1W ago

Christmas Lights and Tributes #MusicMovesMe

It's December, and at Music Moves Me, Christmas music rules.  But I also wanted to pay tribute to some recently departed singers, so a little creativity was called for.My first song is a tri...
Ramblin With AM · 1W ago

A Tale of Two Decembers

Same house, different years, Maine, New York (about 20 minutes from Binghamton).Taken December 7, 2013.Four years later. Taken December 3, 2017.