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Rapid Uplift · 1W ago

Why Is There A "Lost Continent" Underneath Mauritius

Yes, the term "lost continent" brings up visions of a lost world full of fantastic creatures that once existed deep in the earth's past. Or, of a civilization that once was, but was swallowe...
Rapid Uplift · 3W ago

Book- The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science

Currently reading- The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science by Armand Marie Leroi, Professor of Evolutionary Developmental Biology at Imperial College, London.  "His ideas flow like a subt...
Rapid Uplift · 4W ago

Book: Indica- A Deep Natural History Of The Indian Subcontinent

I am not doing a general book review of Pranay Lal's book Indica: A Deep Natural History Of The Indian Subcontinent. For that, I recommend this fine literate piece by Pratik Kanjilal publish...
Rapid Uplift · 1M ago

Trilobite Reproductive Biology: Insights From Pyritized Fossil Eggs

The delicacy of mineral replacement and the serendipity of finding something so small and fragile. This is spectacular. Pyritized in situ trilobite eggs from the Ordovician of New York (Lorr...
Rapid Uplift · 1M ago

Photomicrograph: Authigenic Feldspars From The Neoproterozoic - South India

Feldspars (plagioclase and alkali feldspars) are the most common minerals in the earth's crust. The vast bulk of them crystallize out of magma and lava. Feldspar also forms during metamorphi...
Rapid Uplift · 2M ago

3.66 Million Year Old Hominin Footprints From Laetoli Tanzania

I read this with a sense of wonderment:New footprints from Laetoli (Tanzania) provide evidence for marked body size variation in early hominins (Open Access) - Fidelis T Masao, Elgidius B Ic...
Rapid Uplift · 2M ago

The Shared Fossil Heritage Of Gondwanaland

Lovely infographic:"As noted by Snider-Pellegrini and Wegener, the locations of certain fossil plants and animals on present-day, widely separated continents would form definite patterns (sh...
Rapid Uplift · 2M ago

Wormworld: Biological Transitions At The Precambrian-Cambrian Boundary

The earliest animals were worms and they had a profound impact on marine ecosystems. The many theories and some new understanding on the always fascinating topic of early animal evolution ha...
Rapid Uplift · 2M ago

Human Evolution: The Paleolithic In The Indian Subcontinent

Came across this article by anthropologist Sheila Mishra on the Paleolithic of the Indian subcontinent and its significance in understanding human evolution.The Indian Subcontinent is one of...
Rapid Uplift · 3M ago

Jesus n Mo: Those Furry Eskimos

They nail it every time!Absence of furry "eskimos" is an actual argument touted against evolution! :)