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Raven's Quotes · 9M ago

Horns - Totendienst VI - Antiphonae Omnes Mortum et Animas Infernalis

Genre: Black Metal Origin: ChileTracklist:1. Mit toten Kerzenlicht 2. In Eternal Death 3. Daemonium Praescentia Adorationem 4. Ars Mysteriis Mortuorum 5. Neph'r Kepheru'r Akh'n Aton 6. Ab In...
Raven's Quotes · 10M ago

De Vermis Misteriis / Azhubham Haani

Genre: Black Metal / AmbientOrigin: SwedenTracklist:1 – De Vermis Mysteriis -Am Düstern Ort 2 –De Vermis Mysteriis - Into The Void
Raven's Quotes · 10M ago

Irillion - Egledhron

Genre: Black Metal (Instrumental)Origin: VenezuelaInstrumental Bm from Maracaibo. An excellent piece of music for you. Read a  beauty review, in spanish,  about this album --->HERETracklist:...
Raven's Quotes · 10M ago

Blizzard - Hateful Hymns of an Endless Winter [2017]

Genre: Black MetalOrigin: ArgentinaTracklist:1. Unleashing the Storm2. Revelations of Forbidden Wisdom3. Crevices of Our World4. The Star That Fell in the Earth5. Southern Fields of War6. An...
Raven's Quotes · 1Y ago

Black Magick SS - Kaleidoscope Dreams [2017]

Genre: Occult Rock / Black MetalOrigin: AustraliaTracklist:1. Kaleidoscope Dreams 2. Crusader 3. Tåget 4. The Power 5. Follow You 6. EclipseMore info @ DiscogsLINK: 
Raven's Quotes · 1Y ago

Mist - Cold Breath of Carpathian Woods [1996]

Genre: Black MetalOrigin: HungarySecond demo by this forgotten hungarian act; uncompromising black metal with no frills, the sound is pretty good for a 90s demo. Grab this if you like Gorgor...
Raven's Quotes · 1Y ago

Cultemort - La Messe du Diable [2013]

Genre: Black MetalOrigin: CanadáApologies for the lack of updates on here, I'm really focused on other things atm. In the meanwhile, have some ferocious Black/Death metal from Caneda. Obscur...
Raven's Quotes · 1Y ago

Ocultan - Infernal Live

Ocultan - Infernal Live Genre: Black MetalWell, this is one of the most beautiful albums I have. One of the most powerful and blackest bands from Brazil. It´s not the typical "sarcofago" sou...
Raven's Quotes · 1Y ago

Belketre - Ambre Zuérkl Vuorhdrévavtre

Belketre - Ambre Zuèrkl VuorhdrévarvtreGenre:Black MetalI know...may be you did listen all the shits from LLN, but...cha cha cha chaaaan!!!...this is a bottleg...yes...this is a beautiful bo...
Raven's Quotes · 1Y ago

Morte Incandescente - ...O Mundo Morreu! [2016]

Genre: Black MetalOrigin: PortugalSaying that Portugal is the last stronghold of Black metal could be a bit too much, but I keep finding jewels from there. This is proper BM, many influences...