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Ravings of a Coffee-Crazed Writer Ravings of a Coffee-Crazed Writer

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Amy Leigh Mccorkle

Reads about: writing, books, reading, publishing, reviews

Matthew Keith

Reads about: books, writing, reading, literature, publishing

Linda Meg Frith

Reads about: writing, fiction, neonoir, poetry, reading

Alicia Justice

Reads about: books, reviews, book reviews, writing, chick lit

Marian Allen I write fantasies, mysteries, comedies and recipes.

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, life, reading

Pamela Turner

Reads about: writing, paranormal, publishing, reading, dark genre fiction

Triston Stone

Reads about: humor, progressive, healthy, joke, recipes

Rebekah Mcauliffe

Reads about: writing, bipolar disorder, reading, depression

Mary T Kincaid Middle grade writer. Loves stories that encourages reading for those just beginning to enjoy it.

Reads about: writing, books, social media, publishing, authors

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