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Raymond Logan's Dailies · 2W ago

Maneki Neko

32"x48" oil on canvas ••• That beckoning cat is 4' tall! Well, the actual cat in the painting is more like 38" tall, but come on... that is still a dang big cat. And, as the detail shots illustrate, it is composed of a lot of smooshed oil paint. ...
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 3W ago

Mayfair Clock

11"x14" oil on canvas ••• Let me start off by typing that I probably should not have proc...
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 4W ago

Edgar Allan Poe

46"x46" oil on canvas ••• I'm torn between writing about the above painting or about how The Spousal Unit has developed a nasty habit of coming into the studio and taking unauthorized pict...
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 1M ago

Raymond in Beverly Hills Art Show

The Beverly Hills Art ShowMay 20th & 21st • 10 am to 6 pm both days
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 1M ago

Raymond at Beyond the Lines Gallery

A tandem exhibit at Beyond the Lines Gallery featuring the work of Jan Lord and Raymond Logan.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 1M ago

Wollensak Model 46 Movie Camera

12" x 12"  oil on canvas ••• I do not want you thinking that I do everything The Spousal Unit tells me, but... The background of this painting was gray—well, my version of gray anyway—...
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 1M ago

Mansfield Holiday II Movie Camera

30" x 30"  oil on canvas ••• The difference between how I look at my work and how other people view my work is sometimes... amusing to me. More than once, somebody has expressed interest i...
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 2M ago

Raymond's Updated Website

I keep a to-do list next to the computer here in the studio. Let me make one thing perfe...
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 3M ago

Kathy's Nikon S2

4" x 6"  oil on masonite •••  It has been quite a while since I have shared one of my mini...
Raymond Logan's Dailies · 3M ago

1957 Chevy Truck Gauge Cluster

40" x 60"  oil on canvas ••• (WARNING: Many would consider the following commentary to be ...