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Read Me Deadly · 10M ago

Review of Tony Parsons's The Hanging Club

The Hanging Club, by Tony Parsons (International Edition, Century, June 28, 2016.  To come from Minotaur on November 1, 2016))As with the previous two books in this series, Parsons begins wi...
Read Me Deadly · 11M ago

July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day from all of us at Read Me Deadly
Read Me Deadly · 12M ago

Review of Susie Steiner's Missing, Presumed

Missing, Presumed, by Susie Steiner (Random House, June 28, 2016)If you're a regular crime fiction reader, you know all about how the main genre breaks down into many sub-genres, one of whic...
Read Me Deadly · 1Y ago

Review of Ferdinand von Schirach's The Girl Who Wasn't There

The Girl Who Wasn't There, by Ferdinand von Schirach (Abacus, June 7, 2016)The thing about Ferdinand von Schirach is that nobody writes the way he does. His style is cool, distant and spare,...
Read Me Deadly · 1Y ago

Patricia Wentworth: More Than Miss Silver

I don't read all that many cozy mysteries, but I have a soft spot for Patricia Wentworth's Miss Silver series. Miss Silver is a retired teacher who may be sitting in a corner, knitting, when...
Read Me Deadly · 1Y ago

Review of Judith Flanders's A Bed of Scorpions

A Bed of Scorpions, by Judith Flanders (Minotaur Books, March 1, 2016)Samantha “Sam” Clair is an editor at a small London book publisher. The constants in Sam’s life are her colleagues, her...
Read Me Deadly · 1Y ago

Review of Philip Kerr's The Other Side of Silence

I should start by saying that Philip Kerr's The Other Side of Silence (Marian Wood Books/Putnam, March 29, 2016) is the 11th book in the standout Bernie Gunther series and, if you’re not fam...
Read Me Deadly · 1Y ago

Review of Lyndsay Faye's Jane Steele

Years ago, I went through a period when I read tons of Victorian novels. There were times they drove me crazy, when the young female lead endured endless abuse from all quarters and then was...
Read Me Deadly · 1Y ago

Review of Natasha Solomons's The Song of Hartgrove Hall

I have a confession to make. Natasha Solomons's The Song of Hartgrove Hall (Plume, 2015) isn't a mystery. So why am I reviewing it here? One reason is that it was one of my favorite reads of...
Read Me Deadly · 1Y ago

Review of John Lawton's The Unfortunate Englishman

The Unfortunate Englishman by John Lawton (Atlantic Monthly Press, March 1, 2016)At the center of Lawton’s stylish new espionage thriller is that classic set-piece of the Cold War espionage ...