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ReaganGirl's Blog · 1Y ago

Latino Colorado Rep makes the case for his bill protecting citizens from criminal aliens

On January 30, Colorado Representative Dave Williams from State District 15 issued the following press release making the case for his bill which would prohibit official sanctuary cities in ...
ReaganGirl's Blog · 1Y ago

Colorado Freshman Rep., Dave Williams, introducing bill to outlaw sanctuary cities

This bill is a daring move on the part of the freshman Representative Williams, however, the chances of it making through Colorado’s Democrat-controlled State House are slim. Nonetheless, it...
ReaganGirl's Blog · 1Y ago

Shock! Study Proves Dogs are Socialists and Cats are Conservatives

This research was conducted in response to the ongoing debate about who really is man's best friend. Since behavior and political ideology are intimately connected, Cute Kittens Against Soci...
ReaganGirl's Blog · 1Y ago

Internet “Monkey Wrench” grumbler goes back to Oregon with BLM wife

But the monkey crap really hit the fan for Zinda when he single-handedly derailed a patriotic children's concert to be held at the Western Freedom Festival
ReaganGirl's Blog · 1Y ago


By day three this pertinacious puss had become a campus celebrity.
ReaganGirl's Blog · 4Y ago

The Lowly Beast of Bethlehem

"Lazaro, stop!" Joseph's voice jars me to a halt. I look back and see that Mary is kneeling, one hand on her belly, and the other hand cupping her forehead. "Lazaro, come back. Mary can walk...
ReaganGirl's Blog · 4Y ago

5 Weirdest Moments in Christmas History

One must wonder, however, whether Santa's "Ho, ho, ho" was the exclamation of a happy man, or the rumblings of a bitter old fellow who just couldn't seem to forgive his wife for errors of th...
ReaganGirl's Blog · 1Y ago

The Little Red Hen Saves Christmas

"No need to worry. I suspected it anyway. Who the hell else wears pointy green slippers with bells, and speaks like Richard Simmons sucking helium? So, tell me about the tension at work. How...
ReaganGirl's Blog · 3Y ago

Christmas Letter from the Carbuncles

Apparently Merlin had a habit of eating litters of new puppies. Good thing Boyle still sleeps with our dogs and keeps them safe from that damn lizard.
ReaganGirl's Blog · 1Y ago

Hillary’s Email Debacle Leaves More Questions than Answers

Let’s put aside for the moment the question of why Hillary has yet to be indicted. Why, to date, hasn’t she even been officially interrogated by the F.B.I. about her emails? Thousands of ema...