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Reflections · 3W ago

Book Review : Managing In Turbulent Times by Peter F Drucker

This is  a book that I purchased for all of Rs. 30/- in a roadside second-hand book vendor in Camp Pune; a book that was discarded. After reading it, I am frankly surprised at the fact that ...
Reflections · 3W ago

श्रीमद भगवद गीता वरती माझं प्रेम

आप्ल्या जीवनाचा अर्थ काय आहे? जन्म घ्यायचा, शिक्षण घ्यायचं, मग नौकरी आणि लग्न. पोरं मोठी करायची, मग त्यांचं लग्न - आणखी मग शांतपणे रिटायरमेंट काढायचं
Reflections · 3W ago

Drawing Lessons From The Rehn Model of Sweden

In the previous article, the first of this Risk Mitigation and Economic Planning Series I am writing, I made a strong play in favour of anticipating risks and actively planning for their mit...
Reflections · 4W ago

Mitigating Risks of Increasing Formalisation of the Indian Economy

One of the most talked about topics in the economics realm in India is the ongoing effort to formalize the informal sectors of the economy, bring everything into ship-shape and into the tax ...
Reflections · 1M ago

Movie Review : Whats Up Lagna

व्हाट्स अप लग्न पाहून पहिला विचार आला के हे चित्रपट छान होतं पण उत्कृष्ट नाही म्हणून मी ह्याच्या बद्दल लेख नाही लिहिलं तरी चालेल ...
Reflections · 1M ago

Movie Review : Aamhi Doghi {In Marathi}

मी हंपी च्या रिव्यू मध्ये म्हणालो होतो कि "शांतता बोलते" - ते मात्र एका संपूर्ण चित्रपटा बाबत होतं ... आजच्या चित्रपटात अर्थात "आम्ही
Reflections · 1M ago

Book Review : Dream Big

Dream Big is a book that is purported to be on achieving your investment goals. This was a book that was referred by Readers’ Cosmos for a review; in a nutshell, despite its weaknesses that ...
Reflections · 1M ago

Book Review : The Essential Gandhi – An Anthology of his Writings on his Life, Work and Ideas

The Essential Gandhi – An Anthology of his Writings on his Life, Work and Ideas is a collection of the writings of The Mahatma on various topics, throughout his life. This is a Vintage publi...
Reflections · 1M ago

Seperating ’I’ From ‘My Body - Sanaatan Dharm Series

First of all – don’t read too much into the title; “Seperating ’I’ From ‘My Body’” refers to a level of consciousness, a level of “being” that brings with itself a certain calmness, self-con...
Reflections · 1M ago

Book Review - Dharmyoddha Kalki, Avatar Of Vishnu

This promises to be among the bluntest reviews I have written; I don’t mean to state I wont do justice to it – that I will, most certainly so. But in this particular book, there is no scope,...