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Reflections · 6h ago

Book Review : The Rise Of The Sun Prince {Ramayan Book 1}

||Shri||Book Review : The Rise Of The Sun PrinceRamayan : The Game of Life Book OneBy : Shubh Vilas
Reflections · 3d ago

Book Review - Being Mortal

BACKGROUND OF THE BOOKBeing Mortal is a book by an American Doctor, Dr. Atul Gawande; a book written for an exclusively American / Western Audience, with little or no practical utility or le...
Reflections · 4d ago

Book Review - Culture Of Encounters: Sanskrut At The Mughal Court

THE BACKGROUNDWe are witness to, in the current socio-political mileu, increasing critical examination of especially The Mughal Period, which is being examined, at times without any basis in...
Reflections · 4d ago

Measuring Performance - An Alternative Systems & Technological Approach

MEASURING PERFORMANCEPerformance and its measurement is, at the best of times, one of the most complex tasks a modern organization can engage in; capturing all the small and big, vital and n...
Reflections · 1W ago

The Facebook & Fake News Issues

The title of this article just about says it all… The Facebook Issue. This article is coming after a long self-examination and Facebook feed examination, with the explicit purpose of putting...
Reflections · 1W ago

Retail Investor Confidence & Trust

YET ANOTHER INVESTOR ISSUEA headline on TOI drew my attention, when I read that a firm had allegedly illegally raised several hundred crores from the unsuspecting public, some 55,000 of them...
Reflections · 3W ago

Book Review : HBR Top 10 Must Reads - On Innovation

BACKGROUNDIn my previous reviews on HBR { Harvard Busines Review } books, I have noted the penchant for a top-level approach; lack of data and concrete detailed examples as opposed to the sh...
Reflections · 3W ago

Telecom Service Providers - Which Way Forward?

BACKGROUNDThe first Telecom Big Bang has happened- Vodafone & Idea… with this, hope is being expressed that the Telecom trade is now beginning to settle down. I wish I were as sanguine as so...
Reflections · 3W ago

Book Review - Emerging India : Economics, Politics & Reforms

Emerging India – Economics, Politics & Reform is a book penned by the Former RBI Governor & Rajya Sabha member, Bimal Jalan. This is a slightly dated book, in that although it was compiled i...
Reflections · 4W ago

Book Review - The Difference: When Good Enough Isnt Enough

About The Author : Subir Chowdhury is chairman and CEO of ASI Consulting Group, LLC, a global leader on strategic initiatives, quality consulting, and training… His client list includes glob...