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Reflections of a shallow pond · 1W ago

Johnson and Johnson.

Bless his heart... and... all other organs that aren't clearly visible.I'll call him Burt. He's an older guy; looks to be in great shape, like he's led an athletic lifestyle since before I w...
Reflections of a shallow pond · 1M ago

Your guess is as good as mine. Probably better, actually.

Hey there, stranger! I'd like to start out with some flash fiction to illustrate today's topic.John was stressed. He'd promised Shirley he wouldn't be late, and at this point it had become a...
Reflections of a shallow pond · 2M ago

Cac Dúirt mo sheanathair (Shit my grandfather said).

Not sure if I've ever mentioned this, but good Lord above, I love folksy talk. You know what I mean—phrases and slogans and sayings that we incessantly bandy about, yet we've nary a clue how...
Reflections of a shallow pond · 3M ago

We Have the Best Protests.

Reflections of a shallow pond · 4M ago

Don't Turn the Page Just Yet.

What the hell, 2016? Why'd you have to go and be such a lowlife bastard?Seriously, if years were body parts, you'd be Donald Trump's ass. If they were colored body parts, you'd be Donald Tru...
Reflections of a shallow pond · 5M ago

Hang in There, Friends.

It happened. Yep, really did. And still today, a week removed from one of the biggest political shocks in modern history, much of the world hasn’t fidgeted even an inch, still staring numbly...
Reflections of a shallow pond · 6M ago

Finding Some Common Ground in This Age of Divisiveness.

This past weekend, I went to Las Vegas to do a thing with some people. So much fun, but as they say, what happens there stays there unless it's a blood-borne pathogen, so here are a just cou...
Reflections of a shallow pond · 6M ago

From Tricky Dick to Slippery Don: 50 Years of Presidential Hubbub

Turn up the ruckus.Monday's inaugural presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump drew 84 million viewers, which is nearly a third of every male, female and undecided from s...
Reflections of a shallow pond · 7M ago

For the Football Fashion Fanatic.

Happy fallish! Yeah, I know, it's not quite autumn yet, but since Starbucks already released the horse from the barn September 6, I can feel no shame breaking the seal on my latest Groupon p...
Reflections of a shallow pond · 8M ago

I Could Really Use a Locktail.

And finally, after a colorful two weeks in Rio de Janeiro, the Games of the XXXI Olympiad are dust in the wind. Always fun for a fortnight every four years to crank up the Motorola and watch...