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Regency Dental Group · 2d ago

Regular Dental Visits Are Crucial to Your Health

Regular dental visits are crucial for maintaining not only your oral health, but also your...
Regency Dental Group · 5d ago

Oral Care Tips

Keeping your mouth healthy doesn't have to be a chore. Here are some oral care tips for long-lasting mouth health.
Regency Dental Group · 1w ago

5 Serious TMJ Disorder Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder (TMJD) is one of the prevalent chronic pain co...
Regency Dental Group · 1W ago

How to Brush Teeth Correctly | Colgate®

Are you brushing your teeth the right way? Brushing your teeth the wrong way and with the wrong kind of toothbrush can mean that you’re not properly cleaning your teeth. Avoid common mistake...
Regency Dental Group · 1W ago

Dr Chao and Dr Goldenberg Show Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment

With Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ receding gums are corrected in minutes with no cutting, no sutures and virtually no pain or downtime. Dentist and inventor Dr. John Chao and dentist Dr. J...
Regency Dental Group · 2W ago

Dental Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Increased awareness about the importance and benefits of orthodontic treatment to achieve ...
Regency Dental Group · 2W ago

Why Regular Dental Cleanings Are Important

Going to the dentist may seem like a chore, but it is something we should all do on a regu...
Regency Dental Group · 3W ago

Top Attributes to Look for in a Family Dentist

Finding a family dentist is a great thing to do to keep everyone healthy. It is important...
Regency Dental Group · 3W ago

Does Bottled Water Have Fluoride?

Drinking water with fluoride can reduce your risk of cavities by 25%! Still, not all bottled water has nature’s cavity fighter. ADA dentist Dr. Matthew Messina explains what to look for when...
Regency Dental Group · 4W ago

What Is Proper Oral Hygiene?

You may have grown up hearing about the importance of brushing and flossing your teeth. Yo...