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Regency Dental Group · 2d ago

How Fluoride Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

Fluoride is a common mineral found in several foods, such as milk and eggs. It is essential to oral health. It is so essential that many municipalities pump small amounts of the mineral in...
Regency Dental Group · 4d ago

Top Ways Dentists Can Help You Get a Better Smile

We all know that dentists can help us get a healthier, stronger smile by providing regula...
Regency Dental Group · 1W ago

The Best Form Of Teeth Whitening Is Visiting A Dentist

All of us are searching for that perfect, gleaming white smile that gives an impression o...
Regency Dental Group · 1W ago

To Replace or Not to Replace Silver Fillings? That Is The Question

For a good amount of years, silver fillings were a common sight in children's mouths. For ...
Regency Dental Group · 2W ago

Timely Dental Care Is Essential for Strong Teeth and a Bright Smile

Prevention is better than cure. This proverb is 100% true when it comes to dental problem...
Regency Dental Group · 2W ago

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation (Action News Health Check on ABC)

Also known as the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique® and the Lunchtime Gum Lift™, the Pinhole Technique® is changing the way doctors around the world are treating gum recession and making it e...
Regency Dental Group · 2W ago

How Can I Get My Child to Brush Her Teeth?

Does your child run in the other direction every time you reach for the toothbrush? Get some tried-and-true tips for making brushing fun from a dentist who’s been in your shoes.
Regency Dental Group · 3W ago

Could Humans Ever Regrow Teeth?

98% of American suffer from tooth decay, but scientists may have found a way to fix that. Is there a way to regrow your teeth?
Regency Dental Group · 3W ago

Stages of Gum Disease

GingivitisGingivitis, an early gum infection, is a reversible disease characterized by te...
Regency Dental Group · 4W ago

Dental Health Is More Important Than Ever

No one can deny the importance of regular dentist visits. As a window into the overall he...