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Reiki Awakening · 1Y ago

Walking Thank Yous

I've been thinking lots about the meaning of life. I guess it's my ongoing thing to do this. I've always been a seeker of spiritual connection. The new insight I've got is what I put in the graphic to the left. And here's the question - how to "live ...
Reiki Awakening · 1Y ago

I don't need scientific proof

I've gotten to a point where I don't care about scientific proof that Reiki, or life force energy, or chakras, or angels, or guides, or ancestors, spirits, or any energetic forces exist. I j...
Reiki Awakening · 1Y ago

We are all God

I made this video to express how I feel about spirituality - the Big Picture, so to speak, and all of the thoughts that I have about how things fit together - life, its meaning, our connecti...