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Remco's Miniatures · 1W ago

Flag guy

This month a totally different project...My FIGZ flag guy!Like every year I organize a small event called FIGZand since 3 years it's a reason to start a groupbuildon bennosfigureforum.comThe...
Remco's Miniatures · 1M ago


This month another figure I foundon my never ending hunt for Asterix figures....The same size like the Asterix figures,so must be also a chewing gum figure.It's Maya the bee....
Remco's Miniatures · 2M ago

Elmer Fudd

Hello there!Yeah this month no Asterix figure, still painting them but wouldlike to show you something else this time...It's Elmer Fudd the hunter of the Loony Tunes"Be vewy vewy quiet, I am...
Remco's Miniatures · 3M ago

And again a Romain Soldier...

Maybe this face look familiar to you...Yeah you are right, I have painted this guy before...The problem is I have painted all available  Romains nowSo I have to paint them all
Remco's Miniatures · 4M ago

FIGZ promo girl

This month a totally different figure:It's my "FIGZ promo girl"Original she is called Inga (hornblower), a 28mm metal figureSculpted by Alan Marsh for Bad Squiddo Games
Remco's Miniatures · 5M ago

X-mas Druïde

December is the month of X-mas.....And as you can see, also in the small village of the Gauls.
Remco's Miniatures · 6M ago

They are in the forest....

Oeps, look at this poor Romain....This month I have painted a broken Romain!!As you know, I search the internet for the Asterix Romans.And some figures I buy turn out to be slightly damaged,...
Remco's Miniatures · 7M ago


This month a tribute to my son Benno....Cause he is the reason I got int this hobbyand people over the whole world having a great timeon the Benno's Figures Forum because of him!During my se...
Remco's Miniatures · 8M ago

Hot news

This month some sad news....Because I had a nice vacation in Sweden last month,I tought to paint a figure in advance...The wheather in Sweden wasn't to hot,but here at home in the Netherland...
Remco's Miniatures · 9M ago

Romain with Moustage

And another monthly post it is...Yeah I know, another Romain...Sorry...This time I decided to make the face a little different...So I did give this little man a moustage!!! His face was made...