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Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Finds 1093: Caladrius and The Flame in the Flood!

Two more Limited Run Games! They finally arrived! I can't wait to try them out especially Caladrius as it's a crazy shoot 'em up game with a cute girl on the cover. HA! 
Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Finds 1092: Popful Mail for Super Famicom

Popful Mail for the Super Famicom! What a wonderful game it is! The game was released over here for the Sega CD only. It's quite expensive and makes me wish they released the Super Famicom v...
Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Finds 1091: Atari and 3DO Mystery Box!

A local pick up ended in a pretty awesome treasure hunt! I picked up this box of goodies so lets cut to the chase and see what's in it!  We start off with Atari games. Lots of them that I do...
Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Finds 1090: Gamepro Issue 1

This is the first ever issue of Gamepro. It's a magazine I grew up reading for the most part. Their issues were massive but that was due to the endless advertising pages it came packed with....
Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Game-bit of the day 865: Nintendo 64 Console

So this is the Nintendo 64. Isn't it awesome? It's actually one of my least favorite consoles by Nintendo as the third party support was horrid, but it still had some pretty awesome games. B...
Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Finds 1089: Ys Origin and Asdivine Hearts! Limited Run Games!

Here are a couple of Limited Run Games releases! Totally worth the wait! Ys Origin and Asdivine Hearts are two RPGs that you must have in your collection! GAME ON! 
Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Game-bit of the day 864: Mighty No9 Signature Edition (PS4)

The signature edition comes with an action figure of the main character. It's a shame this game was such a flop or else this would've been nearly impossible to find and overpriced! 
Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Finds 1088: Apple Watch Charging Dock!

I just had to share this! This is a little replica of an old Apple computer which conveniently sets up to become a charging station for your Apple Watch. Isn't that neat? It's retro and awes...
Retro Gaming Life · 3W ago

Game-bit of the day 863: Space Harrier (Commodore)

A port of the arcade hit Space Harrier. Of course, the game is nowhere near the arcade port, but it tries to give you the experience regardless. 
Retro Gaming Life · 4W ago

Finds 1087: Famicom Bluetooth Controller FC 30 Pro!

This is a thing of beauty. It works wonderfully on my PC and I've been using it on both emulators and PC games. Now you're playing with Retro POWER!