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Retro Gaming Life · 9m ago

Game-bit of the day 868: Captain Tsubasa 2 (NES)

A red communist cart of the game called Captain Tsubasa 2 for the NES. Be careful! 
Retro Gaming Life · 39m ago

Finds 1096: Retro City Rampage for the Nintendo Switch

When this little collector's edition was announced, I had to get it mainly because I missed it out on other consoles and these physical copies seem to be released in small numbers for limite...
Retro Gaming Life · 1d ago

Game-bit of the day 867: The Need for Speed (3DO)

You need speed? Don't play this one as even going the fastest speed ever doesn't make any difference! AHHHH SO FRUSTRATING! 
Retro Gaming Life · 1d ago

Finds 1095: Stellar 7 for 3DO

Gotta love the artwork for this game. It's very 90s but the game is just awful! Give it shot regardless, it might just be up your alley.
Retro Gaming Life · 1d ago

Finds 1094: Ninja Gaiden 3 for Lynx and Captain Tsubasa 2 for NES

Here is a game I wanted even though I don't have the handheld. Ninja Gaiden 3 for the Lynx is a pretty awesome and unique game. I can't believe Atari pulled it off and released this game on ...
Retro Gaming Life · 1d ago

Game-bit of the day 866: Myst (3DO)

A very groundbreaking game that was released on multiple consoles that were able to run it that is, was none other than Myst! This game is all about puzzles and exploration. If you are into ...
Retro Gaming Life · 1M ago

Sorry for the delays....

Life has been doing a 360 on me so I haven't been able to post much. I've been too tired and just too busy to do anything here for the meantime. The blog is not dead though! I shall return w...
Retro Gaming Life · 2M ago

Mega Man 11 Announced! Late 2018 Release!

Shocking news from Capcom arrived today with the announcement of Mega Man 11 for multiple consoles. It was quite a surprised as many thought that Capcom had left the series behind and moved ...
Retro Gaming Life · 2M ago

King of 94 - NHL 94 Tournament in Vegas

This is an event that happened in Vegas this past 30th of September and thought it was neat to mention it. The grand prize was 10k so that's nothing to sleep over for. As many fans of the NH...
Retro Gaming Life · 3M ago

Finds 1093: Caladrius and The Flame in the Flood!

Two more Limited Run Games! They finally arrived! I can't wait to try them out especially Caladrius as it's a crazy shoot 'em up game with a cute girl on the cover. HA!