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Retro Gaming Life · 21h ago

Game-bit of the day 745: Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Game Gear)

A magical Disney adventure where you play as Mickey Mouse! It's a lot of fun! Check out the Genesis games as well! 
Retro Gaming Life · 1d ago

Game-bit of the day 744: Super Nova (SNES)

A shoot 'em up by Taito! Can't get any better than this! Or can it? 
Retro Gaming Life · 2d ago

Game-bit of the day 743: Dragon Quest IV (NDS)

Dragon Quest doesn't need introduction. This is classic RPG at its best! 
Retro Gaming Life · 2d ago

Finds 1016: Commodore Madness! 70+ Games!

Just when you get into something new, things tend to fall into your hands. It's like you are attracting them to you! That happens in my case as these disks have become quite tough to find in...
Retro Gaming Life · 2d ago

Game-bit of the day 742: Cosmic Fantasy 2 (Turbo Grafx CD)

A game by Working Designs doesn't seem so bad! Definitely try this one out if you get a chance. It's not one of the greatest but it's good to see a CD game from the early 90s trying to show ...
Retro Gaming Life · 4d ago

Finds 1015: Mega Man and Sonic Comic Books!

Thrift stores are always full of random stuff. This is one of those pick ups where I had more curiosity about the items. These are cross over comics with Mega Man and Sonic. It's a pretty bi...
Retro Gaming Life · 4d ago

Game-bit of the day 741: Tempo Jr. (Game Gear)

This is a pretty awesome game for the Game Gear. It plays like the Sega 32X release somewhat. I guess you can think of it as a watered down version. 
Retro Gaming Life · 5d ago

Finds 1014: Splatterhouse and King's Quest the Complete Collection!

Good old Gamestop had some games I was looking for. Especially Splatterhouse, even though I heard the game is average at best, but hey! It's Splatterhouse! Also, King's Quest deserves a room...
Retro Gaming Life · 5d ago

Game-bit of the day 740: Awesome Possum (Genesis)

This game is kinda of awesome. Let the main Possum tell you how awesome it is! Ugh... play this on mute! 
Retro Gaming Life · 6d ago

Finds 1013: Zombies ate my Neighbors, Robocop 2, Fat DS, and Magazine!

Did some hunting and found some neat things! I finally have Zombies for the SNES believe it or not, I never actually owned this game! I also picked up Robocop 2 and a fat DS that was sold as...