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Retro Gaming Life · 15h ago

Game-bit of the day 724: Moon Crystal (NES)

This is one tough platformer. I totally recommend it as it's not only a tough game, but the game looks amazing for an 8-bit NES game that is! 
Retro Gaming Life · 1d ago

Game-bit of the day 722: Selection (GB)

This is another little gem for the gameboy. A classic RPG for it that plays somewhat like Dragon Quest. Definitely digging that artwork. 
Retro Gaming Life · 1d ago

Game-bit of the day 721: Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey (NDS)

This is a very strange game from the Shin Megami Tensei series. It's tough and has very classic gameplay. Definitely a must! 
Retro Gaming Life · 4d ago

Yu-gi-oh! Card of the Week 065: Brain Control

This is another card is might be coming back to the meta but with some errata of course. I think that's what they're doing with all the old cards nowadays. Anyways, this is like Change of He...
Retro Gaming Life · 4d ago

Game-bit of the day 720: Game Genie for the Genesis

This is a cheating device for the Genesis. You can get infinite lives, infinite energy, infinite everything for your most popular games! CHEATER! 
Retro Gaming Life · 5d ago

Game-bit of the day 719: Gameboy Pockets

These are two Gameboy pockets! They are quite awesome and sleek! The old Gameboys are definitely some of my favorites to have in my collection. 
Retro Gaming Life · 6d ago

Pokemon Card of the Week 055: Meganium

The fragrance of MEGANIUM’s flower soothes and calms emotions. In battle, this POKéMON gives off more of its becalming scent to blunt the foe’s fighting spirit.
Retro Gaming Life · 6d ago

Finds 1005: The Mansion of Hidden Souls

This little gem finally arrived to my home. It was lost in the mail for almost a month, but I'm glad to finally have it in my possession. If you haven't heard of this game, don't worry! It's...
Retro Gaming Life · 6d ago

Game-bit of the day 718: Bomberman '93 (PC-Engine)

This is Bomberman 93 for the PC-Engine! The game is pretty awesome! It is probably the best Bomberman for the PC-Engine so you should definitely try it out. 
Retro Gaming Life · 1w ago

Finds 1004: Divine Sealing, Toad's Treasure Quest, and Inversion

Three very awesome games. One of them is called Divine Sealing which is a shoot 'em up combined with some Hentai themed photos! It's a good mix! The second game is Toad's Treasure Quest whic...