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Richard Dama, LPC · 11M ago

A Therapist and His Wife

An actual exchange between my wife and me yesterday afternoon: Susan: You work too hard. Me: What makes you say that? Susan: Because you need to get our more. Me: Ok, but what prompts you to...
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

Life Goes On

Good morning my friends. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I just wanted to check in to let you know that I’m still alive (I imagine that money is now exchanging hands from th...
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

An Anthem for the Anxious

This past Saturday I was privileged to attend the 5th annual Life as a Zebra Foundation’s annual fundraising concert to benefit research for the cures to invisible diseases (http://www.zebra...
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

Therapist Humor (No; It’s Not an Oxymoron)

Pink Freud  Share on Tumblr 
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

What are You Waiting For?

You were born. The rest of the story is entirely up to you. Make a life worth reading about. Rich  Share on Tumblr 
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

The Future Just isn’t What it Used to Be

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the nature of time. As a certified sci-fi geek and as a former nuclear missile launch officer, I’m on more than speaking terms...
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

Control Your Breath and Rule Your Reality

Right now this minute, you have an amazing tool that will help you quickly if not instantly, keep your calm, keep you centered and help you deal with stress; it’s a simple, intentional, deep...
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

Keep Your Resolution: Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Evidence to show the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for weight loss. In keeping with the thread from yesterday’s post, I wanted to share some information on the second most popular reason peo...
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution: Quit Smoking

It’s a brand new yeas and now that the alcohol and resolutions have stopped flowing like water it’s time to get serious about carrying through on the promises you made to yourself. By far, o...
Richard Dama, LPC · 1Y ago

The Silence Within

Let’s face it, we live in an indifferent, if not hostile universe. Time flows and the stars and planets follow their orbits heedless of our very existence. On our own planet we face a regula...