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Richard Fox · 2W ago

Religion: would I be half-hearted or a die-hard?

In some ways I envy those of my friends who are religious. It must be reassuring to be able to roll up all of life’s mysteries into a simple bundle and label it “God’s work”. No real need to...
Richard Fox · 1M ago

Brexit is a moment, but also an ancient tide

“Leaving would cause at least some business uncertainty, while embroiling the Government for several years in a fiddly process of negotiating new arrangements, so diverting energy from the r...
Richard Fox · 3M ago

August/September 2017 garden diary

Virginia Creeper – autumn is on the way Rose – so fragile Hylotelephium spectabile (a sedum – we think this one is known as the Ice Plant) Sedum spectabile – as above, but the more popular s...
Richard Fox · 3M ago

Oliver Cromwell steams through March

Coming back from the council rubbish dump on Sunday, I wondered why so many people were gathered at the nearby level crossing. It turned out that the preserved steam locomotive 70013 Oliver ...
Richard Fox · 3M ago

Performance: Gaudete

This is a video of my livestream (Periscope) broadcast of Gaudete, the 16th century Christmas carol which was a hit for Steeleye Span in 1973. You can follow my live broadcasts by downloadin...
Richard Fox · 3M ago

One liners from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe

The top fifteen funniest jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe: 1. “I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change” – Ken Cheng 2. “Trump’s nothing like Hitler. There’s no ...
Richard Fox · 3M ago

Three Clares: (1) Gilbert de Clare

The name ‘Clare’ seems to have followed me around for as long as I can remember … Gilbert de Clare was responsible for the construction of a building which played a very important part in my...
Richard Fox · 5M ago

June/July 2017 garden diary

Rose (1) – all the roses in our new house are as yet unidentified 😦 Rose (2) Rose (3) Rose (4) Rose (5) Twisted Willow (before pruning) Twisted Willow (after pruning) Lavender, Pansies and P...
Richard Fox · 5M ago

Keeping alive the idea of extending lifespans

I’m just re-reading John Wyndham‘s classic Trouble with Lichen, so I was attracted to the idea of watching a local TV (That’s Cambridge) re-run of the 1962 film of his 1951 masterpiece The D...
Richard Fox · 6M ago

New song: Best Be Gone

Check out my latest composition, Best Be Gone. You can see it on Periscope here (if any problems, use the Chrome browser).   Filed under: Uncategorised