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Richard Fox · 1W ago

April 2017 garden diary

Bluebells Horse Chestnut – Spring blossom Last year’s conkers – what happens next … Pruning the Penstemons Rosemary (herb) Unidentified shrub (1) Unidentified shrub (2)   Rainfall this month...
Richard Fox · 2W ago

Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief (whole series)

One of my favourite people talking about one of my favourite subjects. So I’ll just park this here, for future reference …   Filed under: Uncategorised
Richard Fox · 1M ago

March 2017 garden diary

Bring out your reds … and whites … and greens Photinia (Red Robin) Heuchera Tulips Euphorbia Spiraea Borage Err … lawn … definitely in need of some TLC at this time of year!    Filed under: ...
Richard Fox · 1M ago

Bana Alabed’s story to be published

Watching live on Periscope as Bana Alabed stayed so positive while the bombs were falling all around her in Aleppo was one of the most memorable and heart-rending things I’ve ever seen. Now ...
Richard Fox · 1M ago

Let’s face it

Thinking of getting a face transplant. The guy showed me their Tom Hanks, but I thought nah, I reckon everybody’ll be going for him this year. He was so pushy. I said “Look, fella, this is a...
Richard Fox · 2M ago

Politics by telegram

I didn’t last long as a copywriter. About six months, in fact. The old man who was head of the team of wordsmiths at the Downton Pulford Compton ad. agency thought my headlines and body copy...
Richard Fox · 2M ago

February 2017 garden diary

“February is a suitable month for dying. Everything around is dead, the trees black and frozen so that the appearance of green shoots two months hence seems preposterous, the ground hard and...
Richard Fox · 2M ago

The not-so-funny ha-ha

One of the worrying consequences of Donald Trump’s Great Wall will be its effect on wildlife. A recent piece in Scientific American mentioned that wolves, ocelots and even jaguars have been ...
Richard Fox · 3M ago

January 2017 garden diary

The wood pigeons gather daily in a threesome on the apex of the shed roof to court, squabble, kiss, argue and for mutual preening. In the midst of the winter freeze, they’ve started to colle...
Richard Fox · 3M ago

The night The Kinks exploded

After The Yardbirds had finished their set, we all waited expectantly for The Kinks to appear on stage. It was May 19th, 1965, and, along with around 2,500 other screaming teenagers, I was a...