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RishTrader · 1M ago

>Star Wave analysis

Hi Friends,                   Went through Star chart pattern looks interesting.Lets expan...
RishTrader · 2M ago

>SBI chart

Hi friends ,                     Looking at SBI chart,Anice impulse from 2016 lows complet...
RishTrader · 2M ago

>Apollo hospital chart

Hi friends,                   Apollo hospital has corrected sharp recently,Looking at the ...
RishTrader · 2M ago

>DABUR the ayurvedic company

Hi friends,                   Writing a post after a while .Weekend post is on dabur this ...
RishTrader · 3M ago

>Pharma sector update.

Hi friends,                   I am tracking pharma sector for sometime now, Had even poste...
RishTrader · 4M ago

>Engineers India Limited

Hi,       Interesting pattern on Engineers india lets see how its moves ,150 strong support and 160-61 stiff resistance once above that the stock can scale to 170.
RishTrader · 4M ago

>Oracle fin (OFSS)

Hi friends,                     IT has been in correction and still no uptrending patterns...
RishTrader · 4M ago


Hi friends,                    The structure of gail looks good for a bounce Lets see the chart.A wxy has finished so as long as 348 holds this has potential to retest 388 lets see if the ex...
RishTrader · 5M ago


Hi friends,                   Hindalco has been trading in a range for sometime now the waves are overlappinglets see the chart.Expecting stock to drop towards 190-88 levels and rise towards...
RishTrader · 5M ago


Hi friends,                   Looked at NTPC chart,Can see a nice leading diagonal.The mov...