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Rj and Jessie · 1W ago

Save $10 on Grove Collaborative!

I just placed my 4394th Grove Collaborative order. LOL, I love this company so much. Mrs. Meyers brand is my favorite for cleaning supplies. The stores near me that have it have very limited scents and they cost MORE than Grove. I am so excited for w...
Rj and Jessie · 1W ago

Imido brand T-shirt dress from Amazon review!

I just got an amazing dress to do for a review. I LOVE IT ALREADY! It's an Imido brand T-shirt dress from Amazon. I have worn the sleeves down or pushe
Rj and Jessie · 2W ago

**GIVEAWAY** | Spring 2018 Transition Kit reveal!

Rj and Jessie · 3W ago

Toyke cord hider box review!

I just received this product a few days ago. It's a Toyke cord hider box. It's an XXL box for hiding your surge protector, cord, etc. It cleans up messy cables and even organizes them so it'...
Rj and Jessie · 1M ago

That's Fluffed Up body souffle review and demo | Perfectly Posh

That's Fluffed Up body souffle is freaking amazing! It's like a lemon marshmallow. Omg, I am obsessed!Shop here! https://jessiec.po.shWant it all? Join me and my team of Amaaazing Poshers! h...
Rj and Jessie · 1M ago

Sinco electric toothbrush review!

I have been using a manual brush for years. I previously had an electric toothbrush but it burned through batteries, the brush heads were costly, and didn't seem to clean much better than a ...
Rj and Jessie · 1M ago

Santa land 2017!

IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! We don't often take the kids to see Santa. The lines are WAY too lo...
Rj and Jessie · 1M ago

Christmas in the park 2017

Every year we go to Christmas in the Park. It's a free event in our town. We have since Brayden was little. Pretty much every year we do not wait to see Santa because the line is always way too long. The one time we did we waited for well over an hou...
Rj and Jessie · 1M ago

VelloStar CHALK MARKERS (10-Pack with reversible tip) review!

We got something super fun to review! 😍 These are Vellostar chalkboard board markers from Amazon. They are seriously the best markers. They have two sided tips for regular or fine writing. T...
Rj and Jessie · 2M ago

Holiday photos 2017!

Christmas photo time! I found a cute sign at Target and knew I wanted to include it in photos. I wanted a Fall-ish background to the photos. That's very hard to do here where it's still 80 degrees sometimes. Plus pine tree aren't cute because they mo...