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Orville J.B. Urbi

Reads about: technology, humor, volkswagen, news, politics

Deanna Rae Parsons

Reads about: christian music, christian ministry, false prophets, enouragement, hope

Tim Gillam Feeding the hungry, helping to encourage the lonely and brokenhearted, visiting and comforting the s...

Reads about: inspiration, motivation, spiritual, technology, christianity

Richard Miller

Reads about: life, christian, family, attraction marketing, community

Mary Fairchild

Reads about: christianity, faith, christian life, christian ministry, cruises

Kim Jones

Reads about: christianity, christian music, humor, faith, christian ministry

Brian Jones

Reads about: christian ministry, christianity, gospel, christian music

Todd Petherbridge

Reads about: technology, startups, entertainment, christian, travel

Ebenezer Obeng

Reads about: networkedblogs, christian music, facebook, christian ministry, gospel

Sheila Jones-Cunning...

Reads about: christian ministry, christianity

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