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Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 8h ago

I’ve been Coloring Puppies by a Fire! – September 22nd, 2017

I’ve been digitally coloring another little Spot book all day Ftiday. I’ll be doing this for the next few days.
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 1d ago

I’ve been Drawing Mermaids! – September 21st, 2017

This mermaid I drew is part of a larger project I hope to show later.
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 1d ago

Swampy’s #Florida says Happy National Elephant Appreciation Day!

Swampy and friends celebrate National Elephant Appreciation Day! Here’s the National Elephant Center website: #ElephantAppreciationDay
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 2d ago

Swampy’s #Florida says Happy Miniature Golf Day!

Swampy and the gang head over to Golf-n-Gator in Cape Canaveral to celebrate Miniature Golf Day. Zuber, the cat, wonders if any of the gators in the surrounding pools are related to Trilby. ...
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 2d ago

I’ve been painting Dinosaurs! – September 20th, 2017

Finished a watercolor painting today. Heres a watercolor version of the dinosaur from the other day.
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 3d ago

I’ve been Coloring Critters in a Canoe! – September 19th, 2017

A hurricane got in the way, but I finally got to finish coloring this piece. Here is part of the illustration. I’ll post the entire piece being used for many things, including a kayak and ca...
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 5d ago

I’ve been having a Busy Day! – September 17th, 2017

Sunday started with a gopher tortoise in the middle of the road. It took s bit of time, but I waited for the fellow to move along a safer trail. A drive to Orlando found me at the 90th Birth...
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 5d ago

Swampy’s #Florida says Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Trilby, Zuber and Alva get in the pirate mood above. A couple centuries ago the above might not be such an unusual scene on certain parts of our Florida coastline. There were many pirates th...
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 6d ago

I’ve been drawing dinosaurs! – September 16th, 2017

Worked on a number of projects this evening. Including one involving this dinosaur. Not sure if the project will be approved and finished, but thought I’d share part of it.
Rob Smith, Jr. Blog · 1W ago

I’ve been coloring ladybugs ringing bell!

So much keeps falling in the way of my completing this project. Been trying to digitally color as fast as I can in case I lose electricity.