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Are Stretchy Pants A Key To Life?

There is nothing quite like a comfy pair of pants with elastic. Sure they are not always the most fashionable, but sometimes comfy outweighs fashion. Beauty may be pain, but comfy is king. T... · 1W ago

Beware Of The Fiction You Write

You don’t have to be a published author to write fiction. In fact you are an amazing author of fiction. You are in danger of writing fiction whenever someone offends, angers, or annoys you. ... · 2W ago

Being A Safe Person

One of the goals for my life is to be a safe person. It’s not easy. Some people are easy t... · 1M ago

The Valentine Trap

It’s Valentine’s Day. A day filled with confusion. On the one hand old married couples feel the pressure to buy junk to try to not look bad express their true love to each other. On the othe... · 1M ago

The Double Standard

I’m convinced humans are made for war. We are attracted to drama and when there is no drama we create it. I’m literally amazed at how any organization can grow. At any point someone is unhap... · 1M ago

Stop Reading Into Things

Every morning I check the app, Timehop. It’s a fun little jaunt down memory lane. Last Tue... · 1M ago

The Cost of Attention

I stink at multi-tasking. And yet, I am so drawn to trying to do two things at once. What ... · 2M ago

When Offering Advice Doesn’t Work…

Have you ever been frustrated by the way someone else is living their life? Specifically, have you ever been frustrated when someone is doing something dumb and they don’t see it? In those m... · 3M ago

Don’t Quit Before The Miracle

I wish it wasn’t so easy to quit and difficult to start. To start a diet I need about two months of prep time. That is, I need time to wrap my brain around not eating everything that tastes ... · 4M ago


Every one of us has some entitlement. It’s part of the blessing/curse of living in America. A land of plenty. The tough thing is that it’s incredibly difficult to see in oneself. It’s easy t...