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Romance University · 1d ago

Turning Points: #writing Three Act Structure for Novelists – by Kris Bock

Tweet RU Contributor and author Kris Bock returns with a post on story structure. There’s no magic formula for writing a fabulous book. But there are formulas that offer guidelines for const...
Romance University · 3d ago

Writing Confession Scenes – by Rayne Hall

TweetRayne Hall returns with another fabulous in-depth post. Her topic today: confessions. When one character makes a confession to another, the emotional stakes are high. How will the other...
Romance University · 5d ago

Does a Fiction Author Need a Blog? by Anne R. Allen

TweetAuthor and award-winning blogger Anne R. Allen joins us today to discuss the merits of author blogs. Great to have you back, Anne!  I hear a lot of writers saying there’s no point in bl...
Romance University · 1W ago

An Accidental Series by Ann Warner

TweetPlease welcome back ANN WARNER – I was intrigued at the way her “dreams” books grew into a series. Have you ever had a series evolve unexpectedly?  In general, novels with romantic stor...
Romance University · 1W ago

Regency Travelers and Paterson’s Roads, by Researcher Franzeca Drouin

TweetWelcome to Wayback Wednesday! Today we’re traveling back to September 9, 2011, when this post first appeared. Franzeca Drouin, the author of this post, will be joining us periodically, ...
Romance University · 1W ago

A Blast from the Past by Becke Martin Davis

TweetI move so often it’s practically a hobby. I’ve been in Chicago almost six years and now we’re bracing for a cross-country trek to Eugene, Oregon. So, once again, I’m emptying bookcases in an attempt […]
Romance University · 2W ago

Wham Bam: The Power of Eventful Thinking by Damon Suede

Welcome back Damon Suede with another fabulous post and an announcement about his NEW BOOK! SQUEE! So as fate would have it, next Monday (12 March) I have a new book called Verbalize on char...
Romance University · 2W ago

What Makes a Great Fiction Book Editor? by Tessa Shapcott

Welcome back to Tessa Shapcotthere with another fabulous post – what kind of editor do you need? A great one of course! There is a myth that a good writer doesn’t need an editor. I’d […]
Romance University · 2W ago

Doomed by Depression? by Lesley Vos

TweetWelcome back to Lesley Vos who is sharing an important and sobering message about depression and writing. Once upon a time, depression settled at my place. Well, I should have thought t...
Romance University · 3W ago

One Series and a Multitude of Lessons

I’ve known P. C. Zick for several years now. We “met” each other online over the mention of “Pittsburgh” (her then-home and my former home). We hit it off and became fast friends. Then I […]