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English - Genealogy · 2d ago

1860 Census at updated “how?” indicated on their website recently that their 1860 census has been updated. As usual there is no real indication of just what type of update has been posted. Most likely the up... · 3d ago

Germany and Surrounding Area Directory includes Aurich in 1926

It may not be new, but it’s new to me, so I’m posting it. recently indicated that “Germany and Surrounding Areas, Address Books, 1829-1974” is a new or updated database. In taking a look at this image database (which appears to be heavil... · 4d ago

Are There Really Genealogy Brick Walls?

“I have a brick wall. In fact, I have many brick walls.” “There’s no such thing as brick walls. They are all in your head.” It does not matter whether you think genealogical brick walls exis... · 5d ago

One of the Saddest Letters I’ve Ever Seen

Family tradition says that Anna Goldenstein spent a considerable fortune trying to determine how her son Henry died in a Kansas City hotel room in July of 1921. Anna was not the first person to fight to find out what happened to a deceased child and ... · 5d ago

Do I Cite It All? Webinar Released

Do I Cite it All? Making “your case” is more than simply citing every document that mentions a date of birth, a date of death, a marriage, a parent-child relationship, etc. It is determining... · 6d ago

Is That Brick Wall In Your Head?

This originally ran in the Ancestry Daily News on 14 July 2004. Genealogy brick walls–those problems we think are insurmountable– are frustrating. Occasionally the brick walls are of our own... · 1w ago

A Delayed Birth Certificate By Fifty Years–Part II

It took fifty years to record the 1913 birth of Anna Apgar in Chicago, Illinois. Fortunately it didn’t take me that long to find it. Once I found an index entry for the birth certificate in ... · 1W ago

Another Apgar Birth

This 1914 birth certificate from Cook County, Illinois, is the only birth certificate for ... · 1W ago

A Delayed Birth Certificate By Fifty Years–Part I

To be honest, I never looked this long after the fact. A recent update to “Illinois, Cook County, Birth Certificates” on FamilySearch included a reference to a delayed birth certificate reco... · 1W ago

The Importance of “Why There?”

When a record is located for a relative, one should always ask “why there? Why was that record in that place?” Many times the reasons are mundane and have obvious, instant answers. The land ...