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English - Genealogy · 14h ago

Where Did They Get That?

note–this originally ran in 2004–making the 1900 census reference a little dated.  Confusion is often in the mind of the beholder. The ongoing release of the every name 1900 census index at ... · 1d ago’s Inferred Household and Children in 1870

Pre-1880 US census records can allow genealogists to gather clues about family relationships. But at there very essence they confirm that individuals are living in the same household at the ... · 2d ago

Creating Your Own Map

I’m not a big fan of “genealogical activities” that fall into my definition of cutesy or time-wasting. I realize others may have different points of view and that’s their opinion. Activities... · 3d ago

Records in Shorthand?

Can you read shorthand? I certainly cannot. Shorthand testimony was taken in regards to the naturalization of Jane Alice Donald in Adams County, Illinois, in 1921. The material appears with ... · 4d ago

Including Identification Details

I really like this picture of my great-grandparents and their two youngest children. Unlik... · 5d ago

One-Eighth Irish or What?

On paper, I’m 1/8th Irish. My great-grandfather, Charles Neill, was born in 1875 near West... · 6d ago

Accurately Searching for my Ordinary Ancestors

Genealogy is not a mad rush towards Charlemagne. It is a slow path, filled with frontier brush, Southern sweat, and New England winters. Instead of leading to castles and mansions, that path... · 6d ago

Join Michael in Ft. Wayne–August 2018

Join me for three days of research at the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, this coming August. Details are on our announcement page. · 1w ago

Getting Negative About Evidence

The word “negative” can be confusing when applied to evidence. Negative evidence is “evide... · 1w ago

A Church in the Distance

originally published in August of 2013 on our old site How closely do you look for clues in the backgrounds of pictures? When the below was enlarged, there was a faint shadow as shown in the oval: Had I not known where the photograph was taken, the c...