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English - Geek, Student, Writing Blog · 5h ago

My 5 Favourite Droids [5 Fandom Friday]

My physio appointment yesterday went really well, and wanted to let you guys know before I dive into this week’s fandom 5. I’m not going to dedicate a whole entry to it because it was just a... Blog · 5h ago

My thoughts on going back to Physio (again)

Tomorrow is my first physio session with the Centre for Integrative Care, which is a homoeopathic hospital designed for people like me who have multiple health conditions; “Most patients ref... Blog · 5h ago

How to style March’s Birthstone Aquamarine!

This week I’m introducing a new monthly edition of Sharing Saturday – The Birthstone Series! This series will be exploring the world of birth stones and creating a pinterest mood board fille... Blog · 5h ago

Green Photo Challenge [5 Fandom Friday]

Happy St Patrick’s day everyone! Unsurprisingly this weeks prompt is a little green 😉 For my green photo challenge I decided to stick to geeky/fandom related items so here’s 5 photos of geek... Blog · 5h ago

My Favourite Disney Heroines

I’m taking part in Geek Blogs Unite themed topic about the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney! I decided to write about my favourite Disney Heroines, and you’re probably thinking, well yeah, of... Blog · 5h ago

Disney Songs that Rock My Socks

I’m taking part in Geek Blogs Unite themed topic about the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney! The plan was to spread two posts out across the theme period, and now with two days to go I’m just... Blog · 5h ago

5 Geek Girl Bloggers you need to check out! [Sharing Saturday]

In honour of International Women’s day this week I wanted to bring attention to a group of women who deserve recognition; geek girl bloggers! The celebration of women comes with messages of ... Blog · 5h ago

5 Favorite Sequels [5 Fandom Friday]

In preparation for this post I was running through movie sequels in my head, and then it occurred to me to wonder whether sequel refers to movies only. It doesn’t…..   A sequel is a narrativ... Blog · 5h ago

Spring 2017 Beauty Products I want to Try

As someone who loves trying new beauty products I always keep one eye on the new products being rolled out for the season. Usually there’s a few I’m curious about, and the rest look good but... Blog · 5h ago

5 Tried & Tested Pinterest Recipes

One of the things I love about Pinterest is the wide array of yummy recipes people pin. I have had a recipe board for yonks, and recently have started adding Atkins/Keto diet recipes to a di...