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Rule #1 · 5M ago

the horror

america, great again he’s not afraid to say nigger he’s not afraid to scream it out the window across the lawn and down the way a serene landscape where no one flinches he’s not afraid to ye...
Rule #1 · 6M ago

do not like this post

(#i’ll tell you why the poets) because i don’t want to talk about the weather because i don’t want to talk about the latest episode of because i don’t know my place because the odometer roll...
Rule #1 · 6M ago

too far/not far enough, misguided maybe but do what you can

first couple months living in the Artspace building i spent most of my time staring out the window. in awe of the view that was now mine. mine? it’d been a while since i’d felt secure in a p...
Rule #1 · 7M ago

in that all matters complicate and refine

the morning sun + daybreak’s cigarette smoke fill the room. his drawers on the floor where i left them last night it’s been months since i could even breathe a poem (prayer) tried communing ...
Rule #1 · 9M ago

Gluestick and a bunch of photos i took while driving. there are a bunch because you don’t look and just snap snap snap, hope for the best. sounds a bit like life sometimes. no idea about gluestick before but now i know, it was awesome and i’ll be back. ps that 1st pic is Craig making a zine on our drive down there which was damn lovely as well. he gave it away to a now not stranger during the fest. hear...
Rule #1 · 10M ago

vagrant observations

West Coast Notebook Re-Entry Poem if only all days were the ways in which the rainbow propagates into jumbo mouse ears. wrought iron fences shaped to hold the childhood in. what sort of wick...
Rule #1 · 11M ago

Underground Lit Fest

Rule #1 · 11M ago

sometimes i forget i have a blog

cityscapes while sitting on a cold, cold stone it’s been a full day business + reminisce, lake shore & shoreline. the city- it costs to walk the streets here. unnoticed is unpaid… not everyo...
Rule #1 · 1Y ago

Legit AF April with featured performer RYDER COLLINS! Monday, April 10
Rule #1 · 1Y ago

Michiana Stories — Live at Artspace