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Running for My Life · 5d ago

Good Mother's Day and a walk down memory lane

Family selfie with Ben, Katie and JoeOn Sunday, Katie and I took out our bikes for my firs...
Running for My Life · 1W ago

On being in paradise and coming back

Daily yoga at Villa PelicanoI think I surprised everyone by saying that I was going to Cos...
Running for My Life · 4W ago

AML Awareness Day: A lot to know

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) sent an email stating that today is AML Awareness ...
Running for My Life · 1M ago

Good driver, great big geyser

I was a little worried about transportation to Dana-Farber on Wednesday because I had gotten used to my private driver (Katie).When the driver called to confirm, his pleasant voice reassured...
Running for My Life · 1M ago

On kids moving in and moving out

Running for My Life · 1M ago

In dermatology land, answers and loose ends

The same day that I wrote this post about my frustration in dermatology land, I got a call from a nurse who gave me the answers to one set of problems. I'm supposed to apply Efudex chemother...
Running for My Life · 1M ago

Kafkaesque time in dermatology land

Several weeks ago, I emailed my dermatologist with some questions and concerns. If I catch her at the right time, she often responds quickly. But if I don't, my email can quickly drift down ...
Running for My Life · 1M ago

Needles: The bad and the good

Yesterday I got to double my pleasure by listening to the grating sound of Trump talking about signing the $1.3 trillion spending bill at the same time as my dentist was drilling three teeth...
Running for My Life · 2M ago

Not running, but playing a role in road race

The crowd in downtown Holyoke waiting for the race to beginI could probably have built off...
Running for My Life · 2M ago

A night in the ER, with good company

While some of my friends have been sharing photos of themselves on beautiful beaches, I stretched my legs out as though setting up for the pose of bare feet in the sand ... but on Wednesday it was clogs on my feet on a stretcher in the Brigham and Wo...