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Ruth Gray Images · 1M ago

Social Media a Reality Check.

Its nearly the end of the school year yay! I cant wait to have a break, but being an artist that's not a break from art but a break from all the admin around art that isn't actually creative...
Ruth Gray Images · 1M ago

Reflection,Workshop Cromford Canal on Birdswood

Yesterday I facilitated a workshop at Cromford. We set sail for a day of reflection on the historic canal boat Birdswood its fair to say we had four seasons in one day which perfectly illust...
Ruth Gray Images · 1M ago

Anatomy of the Landscape Workshop

I've been privileged to have worked with Shottle Art Group these last two weeks as part of my Fleet Arts / Derwent Wise Project Anatomy of the Landscape. 'In September 2013 the Heritage Lott...
Ruth Gray Images · 1M ago

Alport Sunset

Alport Sunset, 40 x 40 cm acrylic on canvas.On the way home from a workshop the other evening I stopped off at Alport Heights and was greeted with an astounding vista of turquoise and orange...
Ruth Gray Images · 1M ago

Light Wood and Reservoir

Light Wood and Reservoir BuxtonHere is my Buxton Spa Prize entry for this year I had a great pleasure painting this one and again discovering a new part of the Buxton outskirts. this is my f...
Ruth Gray Images · 2M ago

How I use Reference Material in my Art.

Im always asked how do I paint am I sat outside or do I work from a photograph but I think its more complicated than that.To create my artwork it is a combination of many things, being a lan...
Ruth Gray Images · 3M ago

On being a Friend.

I am a generally happy person but I have my own issues like we all have and occasionally I am reminded of the past by hearing a fleeting comment or a song on the radio and I can be in floods...
Ruth Gray Images · 3M ago

New Work King Street Belper

King Street Belper Just finished in time for the Belper Art Trail see you at Venue 1, Number 28 Market Place 1030-4 Sun Mon
Ruth Gray Images · 3M ago

May News

Over Easter I made a start on a new series you could call this a branch project! More of that to be revealed as I make progress, more imminently its Buxton Spa Prize time and I will endeavou...
Ruth Gray Images · 3M ago

Views From The Derwent Valley Video

The above is also available as a book see link in the side bar.