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S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

Indie community, you’re being catfished.

By Kyle Perkins.   First off, let me start by saying that using a pen name is ABSOLUTELY OKAY AND SOMETIMES NEEDED! There is nothing wrong with using a pen name. With that out of the way, le...
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

My Daddy – Things I remember

It’s been just over five years since my dad left us, and as Father’s Day approaches (and I am feeling the hole in my heart grow just a little) I have been thinking about the past. Those days...
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

Bloodlines for free!

Originally posted on ilovebooksandstuffblog: BLOODLINES Synopsis: When Sascha and Eduard Engle flee Nazi occupied Germany and arrive at a small cottage deep in the woods of France, they have...
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 2Y ago

On Dismissive Snobs and Whatever: Be Careful What You Write

Re-blogging this cause it’s Brilliant!! The Indie world is all abuzz it seems, and because of a poorly thought out article posted by an author I’ve never heard of in the Guardian. I’ll link ...
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

Things I Don’t Owe my Indie Friends.

Originally posted on Organizing Chaos And Other Misadventures: I love art. Especially, I love indie art. I love the spirit behind it, and I love the sassiness of artists breaking off the mai...
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

HUGE Giveaway from Rising Indies United

  The Rising Indies United Team is having a Happy Holidays Giveaway!! We have over $400 in prizes that are being given away! Make sure to enter, and share with your friends!! And have a wond...
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

Red Hot Heroes – Now available – 3 of the books to aid Wounded Warrior Project

Red Hot Heroes Release Day Blitz! All gave some… Some gave all. So, several of my friends are releasing new books today. The Red Hot Heroes collection from the Red Hot Authors. Three of the ...
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

Dark Dreams Halloween Giveaway Event!

Source: Dark Dreams Halloween Giveaway Event!
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

Kharma is slacking and making me Mad… Why am I letting it?

So I have been going along in my life, working on my goals and friendships. I try to be positive every day and focus on the good things. I have a tendency to be a little bit Pollyana-ish (we...
S.L. Dearing - My Blog · 1Y ago

Read Today’s NEW Novel Loglines

Originally posted on Novel Writing Festival: DEADLINE September 15th: 1st CHAPTER/FULL NOVEL Festival. FULL FEEDBACK. Get novel performed by professional actors