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Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary blog A call for classical liberal policies in India (and the world)

English - Liberty, Economics, India
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 19h ago

The absurd nonsense that comes out of India’s policy circles even in 2017

It is shocking how Indian governments continue to sabotage the market in every way, every day. AAP is led by the KING OF STUPIDS (none more stupid: Rahul has no scope to be stupid, being a n...
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 1d ago

Bitcoin is an excellent illustration of Gresham’s law

My FB comment: The early adoption stage is now over. Even communist newspapers like the New York Times are pimping the Bitcoin. I now believe 2018 will mark the rapid upward trajectory of th...
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 2d ago

We need For-Profit schools in India and the government to get out of the provision of education

My next Whooshkaa podcast, below, on education: In this I talk about the colossal failure of education in India (and in fact in many parts of the world) and how this can be fixed. They key i...
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 2d ago

Request for information from IAS/AIS colleagues on the cadre allocation system for all India Services

An academic has asked the following: I am currently attempting to reconstruct the allocation process of IAS officers before 1984. While trying to find descriptions of that policy online, I c...
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 6d ago

A lot of people agree to my call to amend the Australian Constitution

I posted an article on Catallaxy Files here. A large number of comments were received.  I reviewed them today and posted my further comment/ response here. Unfortunately there were some typo...
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 1W ago

Announcing the discovery of (yet another!) cure – this time for incontinence after prostate surgery

I have come to the view that the fastest way to regain continence after prostate surgery is to jog/ run downhill. This is based both on the theory of muscle recovery and my experience. A sea...
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 2W ago

My theory of matter, revisited

The other day I saw a documentary that said that some scientists are working on the idea that light travelled much faster than its current speed in the initial stages of the Big Bang. Now, t...
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 2W ago

My next Whooshkaa podcast – on India’s pathetic infrastructure

Here’s a 23 minute talk that explains clearly why India suffers from the world’s most miserable infrastructure.
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 2W ago

Are you sick and tired of Modi’s massive imposition of taxes? SBP commits to reducing GST to 10 per cent.

Swarna Bharat Party’s press release today. == National Press Release – to be released across India 4 November 2017 – for immediate release Swarna Bharat Party commits to 10 per cent GST and ...
Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary · 2W ago

India’s ease of doing business is going to remain at the bottom of the world without radical governance reforms

Some people are talking big about the recent 100th rank of India in the Ease of Doing Business indicator. My comment: That’s a positive step, but 100th is just too pathetic a position. India...