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Sage Outdoor Designs · 11M ago

Plants that can survive under California Pepper (Schinus molle) trees

Most California pepper trees you see will have nothing growing under them for two reasons: one is that they produce a chemical which is mildly poisonous to other plants, and the other is tha...
Sage Outdoor Designs · 1Y ago

Sage is featured in This Old House magazine

I’m so proud to have an outdoor living space featured in This Old House magazine. They were also kind enough to quote me giving some advice on creating your own outdoor living space. Outdoor...
Sage Outdoor Designs · 1Y ago

Sage is featured on!

Make sure to check out this article by Houzz contributor Jennifer Christgau-Aquino on how to plan for your outdoor kitchen. She featured some photos of Sage work and there are even a few quo...
Sage Outdoor Designs · 1Y ago

It’s time to cut back ornamental grasses

If you haven’t already, it is definitely time to cut back your ornamental grasses for the spring. What you see here is purple fountain grass that badly needs to be cut back. Last year’s gras...
Sage Outdoor Designs · 1Y ago

Encaustic tile is happy tile

Imagine for a moment that this was a kitchen instead of a laundry room. I think I’d be happy every time I cooked a meal in such a light, bright, and airy space. This design is by Ashley Winn...
Sage Outdoor Designs · 2Y ago

Designing with Hue: the Blue Garden

I stumbled across this fantastic garden, all done in shades of blue- I love it! I think it is a lovely example of a classical garden design that still feels very livable and current. You can...
Sage Outdoor Designs · 2Y ago

What does Transitional mean, anyway?

I was teaching a course recently with a section about Architectural Styles, and the Transitional Style came up. It is a style that has been showing up now for at least five years, and I am s...
Sage Outdoor Designs · 2Y ago

Trusting your designer

Because of the way I run business, I do a lot of design directly in front of my customers. This certainly isn’t the way most designers work, but I have found that it has taught me a whole lo...
Sage Outdoor Designs · 1Y ago

Everything I need to know, I learned in Kindergarten

I am a grown-up, I own my own business, and I work really hard. But today, I got paid to color. I have the coolest job.
Sage Outdoor Designs · 1Y ago

Modern concrete planters

I have been stalking Kornegay Designs online for sometime now. I love their oversized, geometric concrete planters. Many of their designs are inspired by plant forms and nature, with the lin...