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Sall's Country Life · 1w ago

Creative Space

 Creative time is shortaround my house...that's why, when I getthat urge,I like to have at...
Sall's Country Life · 4W ago

Garden Time

April is almost over...time to clean out the potting shedthe May flowers will be arriving soon!
Sall's Country Life · 1M ago

Waking Up to Spring

They started showing up early in March... and every day we would watch...
Sall's Country Life · 8M ago

Art 101

           I love...I love to make it...I love to create it...
Sall's Country Life · 8M ago

Lovin' Fall

Hang in there,my pretties...Can you have too many apples?the orchard oriole
Sall's Country Life · 8M ago

Preserving Fresh and Red Ripe

I empty the table offand he fills it right back up!!The best tomato crop ever!, he claims....
Sall's Country Life · 11M ago

Father's Day Weekend

Have a wonderful Father's Day Weekend!Love always,Lisa
Sall's Country Life · 1Y ago

A Birthday Post

Every farm needs a good dog!Sunday our Max turned 13 years old...We think he's a GREAT dog!Happy Birthday, Max!
Sall's Country Life · 1Y ago

My Favorite Kind of Magazine

pages filled with lovely pictures...stories from artists telling how they create...Story headlines like: "Happy Scrappy Cakes"and"Scraps of Encouragement"are my kind of stories to read...
Sall's Country Life · 1Y ago

A Good Thing

Our garden is the birthplaceto all of our home canned goods...home made dill pickles,fresh...