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Samizdat Blog · 2W ago

From Rhymed Lines to Mongrel Tongues: X.J. Kennedy, Charles Simic, Alan Felsenthal, Airea D. Matthews, & Julian Talamantez Brolaski

Rejoice! The new Hudson Review has dropped with a satisfying clunk into the mailboxes of s...
Samizdat Blog · 1M ago

Live! Free! One Night Only! Reading at the Poetry Foundation

Check it out! See you there!
Samizdat Blog · 2M ago

Reggie Watts and Karl Pilkington Wrestle in Heaven

Rejoice! The new issue of Copper Nickel is out.  It includes an essay of mine called "Regg...
Samizdat Blog · 2M ago

When a Poem's Wrongness is Right: Notes on Anthony Madrid

The laws of logic may well maintain that something cannot be simultaneously wrong and righ...
Samizdat Blog · 3M ago

Poetry and the Alphabet

Years ago, Ron Silliman wrote an essay called "Disappearance of the Word, Appearance of th...
Samizdat Blog · 4M ago

Revolutions Reviewed!

The always-interesting journal Galatea Resurrects has been kind enough to run a review of my recent book written with John Matthias and Jean Dibble, Revolutions: A Collaboration.  Ralph La Charity says some kind things.  He understands the relationsh...
Samizdat Blog · 5M ago

The Politics of Stupidity, or: The Prescience of Pierre Bourdieu

In the last years of his life, Pierre Bourdieu turned with increasing urgency to political...
Samizdat Blog · 6M ago

Arks & Covenants: The Poet as Aphorist & Essayist

Poussin's paintings, Shakespeare's epitaph, Thom Gunn's existentialism, and many other things animate the elegantly written essays in Alfred Corn's new collection of prose, Arks & Covenants. As fascinating as the essays are, though, my favorite part ...
Samizdat Blog · 6M ago

Laureate Poets and Heretic Poets in the TLS

I've always romanticized the Grand Old Literary Newsprint Journals—the New York Review of Books, the London Review of Books and, best of all, the Times Literary Supplement. It's not often I'...
Samizdat Blog · 6M ago

On Rhyme Out Now!

Rejoice! David Caplan has edited a collection of essays called On Rhyme, with contributio...