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Sam's Art · 9M ago

Monthly Schoolism Subscriptions now $15

I love teaching for Schoolism. Of course the classes are fun to teach and interacting with the artists taking the classes is rewarding. But I also love that Bobby and the crew at Schoolism a...
Sam's Art · 10M ago

Summer subscription sale at Schoolism

For those who don't follow me on Instagram, this is to let you know there's a discount for a limited time on the subscription version of my classes (and the other classes) at Schoolism. If y...
Sam's Art · 1Y ago

Infinity Mickey and gang

Mickey is such a hard character to get right. Even the smallest mistakes can make him look...
Sam's Art · 1Y ago

Infinity Marvel Bots

There was a phase early on in the Marvel playsets where there were a lot of concerns about...
Sam's Art · 1Y ago

Disney Infinity stuff

I am so sorry to all my friends at Avalanche/Disney for the closing of the studio. It is a...
Sam's Art · 1Y ago

Some stuff for Hearthstone

Some things I did for Blizzard I haven't posted yet.
Sam's Art · 1Y ago

Designing a character with values

I'm creating lecture slides for the workshop I'm teaching with the IDEA Academy this Summer, and thought I'd share a glimpse of some of the things I'll be teaching. I think there are still seats left if you're interested in attending:http://www.idea-...
Sam's Art · 1Y ago

Marker paper review (For Copics and Prismacolor Markers)

There are a lot of reviews on papers for markers out there, but not many that are focused ...
Sam's Art · 1Y ago

"Digital Painting for Character Design" workshop

I'll be teaching a 3-day workshop at the IDEA Academy in Rome this summer. The workshop is...
Sam's Art · 1Y ago

Critique from "Lighting for Story and Concept Art" at Schoolism

Here's a critique I did for a student, from my "Lighting for Story and Concept" class. The lesson was on material design for characters, but the student did a pretty good job with the distri...