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Sandyspider Gifts · 2W ago

Feel Better Every Day Book Review

Recently finished reading Carol Stanley’s latest Book, Feel Better Every Day: Natural Keys to Healthy Aging (Available in paperback and for Kindle.) This is an ideal book for those who want ...
Sandyspider Gifts · 2M ago

Words of Heart Ornaments for All Occasions

Beginning with the ”Words of Heart” ornaments look wonderful on the Christmas tree. These are styled in heart shapes from words. Words of love. There is a variety of ornament types. Below sh...
Sandyspider Gifts · 4M ago

Party Favors for Rainbow Pride Month

Celebrate with party favors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The colors of the Pride Flag is something I have loved as a color combination long before I knew it w...
Sandyspider Gifts · 5M ago

Summertime Flower Flip Flops

Summertime is the best time to wear flower flip flops. These casual wear thong style sandals have an easy to slip on design. Durable with the 100% rubber material. Cushioned for comfort all ...
Sandyspider Gifts · 5M ago

Rhinestone Ladies Watches Floral Face

A ladies rhinestone wristwatch would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Beautifully shines with the tiny rhinestone crystals that outline the face of the piece. It is a timely gift that she would treasure for a long time. A useful jewelry presen...
Sandyspider Gifts · 7M ago

Easter Invitations, Cards, and Tote Bags

Before the big Easter Egg Hunt event, one needs to mail out those invitations and cards. Hosting this event for the children will be fun. As a child, I recall finding those colorful eggs fil...
Sandyspider Gifts · 8M ago

Fake News and Alternative Facts T-shirts

Be the first to wear the funny and trendy "Fake News" and "Alternative Facts" t-shirt. This has the political edge to current events in what is happening in United State's history. Fake news...
Sandyspider Gifts · 9M ago

Valentine Toddler Ruffle T-Shirts and Legging

Sandyspider Gifts · 10M ago

Last Chance Christmas Card Sale

Last chance Christmas card sale is for those last minute shoppers. Who have yet to buy their cards in order to send out to the people on their holiday list! Zazzle has those special sales fo...
Sandyspider Gifts · 10M ago

Decorative Pillows for Christmas Countdown

Home decorationsbegin with decorative pillows. Zazzle is having a Christmas countdown. Time sensitive with today, pillows are 50% off with this code: ZCUSTOMGIFTS and 30% off everything else...