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Sarasota Daily Photo · 9h ago

Itty, Bitty Raptor

Look! Up in the tree! It's an itty, bitty raptor!How itty, bitty?  Well, the SDP editorial team's trusty 'Birds of Florida' book indicates burrowing owls are a mere 9 1/2 inches tall.  I've ...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 1d ago

Those Eyes!

I was in the Ft. Myers area over the weekend and had some great luck finding more burrowing owls in the wild!  I visited my now favorite burrowing owl location....and immediately saw not on...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 1W ago

Weekend Ready

Weekend's almost here...and I've got my eye on the prize!Taken on Lido Beach...just minutes away from the office.Oh, yes...I'm weekend ready! Are you?
Sarasota Daily Photo · 1W ago

Wee Fella

"S'up?"When you're a baby sandhill crane and so little you have to plop down and rest under your mom's tail feathers while she munches on dinner.  Such a cute, fuzzy wee fella!  Hard to beli...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2W ago

Painted Sky

We've been having some amazing sunsets in Sarasota recently, which is a bit unusual for this time of year.  The entire SDP staff was discussing this issue and concluded these are the kinds o...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2W ago

Golden View

It's been a few years since I've been at Myakka River State Park with the coreopsis in bloom. It's quite a sight: yellow wildflowers as far as the eye can see!  The last time I photographed...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2W ago

Dinner Time!

RAT!  It's what's for dinner!This photo was taken just moments after this barred owl pounced on a rat climbing on that very tree branch.  I couldn't believe it!  I always imagined owls swoop...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2W ago

Tucked Away

With it being overcast last night for the first time in awhile, I thought maybe the barred owls would be out early at the neighborhood park. Bingo! This handsome fellow was contentedly tuck...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 3W ago

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in pink. And, with that reflection...twice as nice! Roseate spoonbill spotted recently in rural Sarasota County.
Sarasota Daily Photo · 3W ago

Theme Day: Let's Eat!

As I write this post, I have visions of fellow City Daily Photo bloggers submitting pictures of every kind of mouth watering epicurean delight imaginable.  And, then, there's SDP with...bana...