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Sarasota Daily Photo · 8h ago

On The Road: Miami Open

For those who like action and a good photography challenge, this is the place to be! No matter what court you're on, typically there's a good seat close to the action (especially on the sma...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 1d ago

On The Road: Miami Open

Those who've followed SDP for awhile know that every March I head down to Miami to watch a  professional tennis tournament on Key Biscayne.  This was the 11th straight year I made the trip -...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2d ago

Urban Living

This is Hart's Landing, a popular destination on Sarasota Bay where live bait is sold, seabirds loiter for fish scraps, and boaters briefly moor. A very short distance away is downtown Saras...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 4d ago

On The Road: Galveston, Texas

Who could resist this little guy -- a white-faced saki monkey?!  When the SDP Junior Editor and I visited the Moody Gardens rain forest in Galveston, Texas, recently, we were pleasantly surp...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 1W ago

On The Road: Galveston, Texas

Recently, while in Houston, the SDP Junior Editor and I took a road trip to Galveston, where we visited the Moody Gardens rainforest. We were there during shoulder tourist season, so when we...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2M ago

Through the Clouds

It was overcast and I wasn't sure what kind of sunset there would be through the clouds...but I figured I'd go to Myakka River State Park last night and at least see the sandhill cranes flyi...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2M ago

Crane Convention

 At dusk, they materialize...seemingly out of no where. Sandhill cranes arriving 2-3 at a time.Sometimes in larger many as a 40-50.  It can be quite a sight with their wings exte...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2M ago

Cabbage Key

To mark the end of 2016, the entire SDP editorial staff took a day trip to Cabbage Key, a small island in the Gulf of Mexico.  Easiest way for us non-boat owners to get there is via charter ...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2M ago


Look at that form...and concentration during takeoff!  Clearly, he's rapidly calculating how best to maneuver around several palm trees just feet in front of him.  (And, of course, those hor...
Sarasota Daily Photo · 2M ago


When horses share their pasture with a bald eagle who thinks he's Maverick.  ZOOM!