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Mavvy Vasquez

Reads about: writing, life, books, fiction, humor

Angela Sullivan-Rayb...

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, reviews, reading

Aubrey Storm Blogger, reviewer at Book Boyfriend Hangover.

Reads about: books, reviews, authors, romance, author interviews

Crystal Cuffley

Reads about: romance, books, paranormal romance, writing, reviews

Delia Remington When Delia was five years old, her teacher asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she rep...

Reads about: books, writing, book reviews, paranormal, reviews

Julie Woolever Kornh...

Reads about: books, romance, reviews, writing, book reviews

Dani Keith

Reads about: books, romance, paranormal, writing, life

Lisa Cody

Reads about: writing, books, romance, publishing, fiction

Andie Wardlow

Reads about: books, reviews, romance, writing, book reviews

Pat Egan Fordyce

Reads about: books, romance, lifestyle, beauty, author

Shandy Sanford

Reads about: fiction, books, author

Patrick O'Scheen really confused, but I will survive lol

Reads about: writing, books, fantasy, poetry, fiction

Karen A Sullivan Female, Divorced, No children, Published Author of Erotic Romance, BDSM, and sub-genres. Blogger, pa...

Reads about: writing, books, reviews, romance, erotic

Morebooksthanlivros ... I'm a crazy-book-reader from Brazil. I'm married with 3 kids, too many animals and lots of books.

Reads about: books, romance, writing, book reviews, reviews

Gabrielle Lee

Reads about: romance, books, erotic romance, writing, book reviews

Miriam Smith

Reads about: romance, writing, books, authors, reviews

Robyn Roze

Reads about: books, reviews, writing, fiction, giveaways

Billy Masters

Reads about: erotica, books, writing, romance, erotic

Aimee L. Vandervliet There is nothing better than a comfy nook and a good book on rainy days!

Reads about: book reviews, romance, books, writing, paranormal

Holly Jody Gill Auth... I write erotic/erotica novels published with Secret Cravings, Desires with Nikki Blaise

Reads about: books, romance, erotica, writing, fiction

Lorraine Nelson

Reads about: writing, books, romance, author, publishing

Kirstie Hicks I love reading, my imagination is my favourite companion while I am deep in a great book....there ar...

Reads about: books, romance, writing, reviews, book reviews

Virginia Mckevitt Au... Virginia McKevitt was born in Long Beach, California, but lived most of her life in the suburbs of N...

Reads about: books, writing, urban fantasy, reviews, paranormal romance

Brooke Emmich

Reads about: recipes, food, cooking, healthy, books

Cathy Vernon

Reads about: reviews, books, romance, giveaways, paranormal

Shannon Laws My blog "Madrona Grove" a sharing of encounters, island adventures and personal insights, ranked in ...

Reads about: writing, books, humor, poetry, memoirs

Deb Schwartz Hi and Welcome to my Network blog. I am a huge fans of the written word, add some sultry scenes and ...

Reads about: books, reviews, romance, author interviews, writing

Sandy Kenny

Reads about: books, reviews, romance, reading, writing

Danielle Freeman

Reads about: books, reviews, paranormal, writing, romance

Joelle C Rider Hello,

Little about myself avid reader and writer ..I sold my first story when only in High Schoo...

Reads about: books, reviews, reading, writing, book reviews

Brianna Lee Mckenzie

Reads about: writing, books, book reviews, reading, romance

Brenda Anderson

Reads about: books, paranormal, romance, reviews, author

Katie St. Claire

Reads about: writing, books, romance, authors, paranormal

Aj Wiliams romance writer, blogger, wife, mother

Reads about: books, writing, romance, fiction, erotica

April Holgate

Reads about: books, reviews, romance, writing, giveaways

Barbara M. Hodges

Reads about: writing, books, authors, publishing, book marketing

Angie Stanton

Reads about: books, reviews, romance, romance novels, art

Ambasadorius Sveikat...

Reads about: politika, internet, бизнес, финансовая свобода, fashion

Mandy M. Earles Author of Daughter of the Sun, my sci-fi, post-apocalyptic novel. Currently writing young adult and ...

Reads about: books, writing, reviews, young adult, romance

Jennifer Lynn Green-...

Reads about: mental health, kinky, emotional strength, negative feeling managment, emotional health

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