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Science-based medicine · 13h ago

Did cannabis oil cure Deryn Blackwell, the “boy in seven billion,” of his two cancers?

In a forthcoming book, The Boy in 7 Billion, Callie Blackwell claims that she cured her son Deryn of two different cancers using cannabis oil, which rescued his failing bone marrow transplan...
Science-based medicine · 17h ago

Corrigendum. The Week in Review. 03/26/2017

Death from naturopathy. Cows and soldiers have a similar problem. Pseudo-medicines never die. Chiropractic complications. And more.
Science-based medicine · 3d ago

Another Child Suffers From the Effects of Anti-Vaccine Propaganda…and Tetanus

As an Australian child suffers from tetanus, a horrific and virtually 100% preventable illness, a prominent local anti-vaccine propagandist goes on the attack.
Science-based medicine · 4d ago

The floor is yours

Open thread for topic suggestions, and anything else SBM-related.
Science-based medicine · 3d ago

Anti-Vaccine Chiropractors Threaten Public Health

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)'s investigation of Manitoba chiropractors reveals widespread antivaccine sentiment. These statement are at odds with medical facts, and critics ar...
Science-based medicine · 5d ago

Cracking Down on Chiropractic Pseudoscience

A recent CBC News investigation reveals the common pseudoscientific claims and quackery of Manitoba chiropractors.
Science-based medicine · 6d ago

Dietary Associations with Cardiovascular and Diabetic Mortality: “Bacon, soda, and too few nuts”?

A recent study attempted to quantify the association of ten dietary factors with deaths from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Headlines about the study were misleading.
Science-based medicine · 1w ago

Is the ACCME cracking down on quackery in continuing medical education (CME) offerings? Richard Jaffe thinks so.

Richard Jaffe, a lawyer who has made a career out of defending quacks like Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, thinks that the ACCME, the main accrediting body for continuing medical education (CME) cr...
Science-based medicine · 1W ago

Corrigendum. The Week in Review for 03/19/2017

What happened this week? Measles returns to kill. Stem cell injections blind. Lousy acupuncture studies. Fire hot. Skinny jeans are not a reason to see a chiropractor. Lesbian tendencie...
Science-based medicine · 1W ago

Treating the Terrain of Chronic Sinus Infections. A LAc of understanding.

Acupuncture Today. "Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig; es ist nicht einmal falsch!" It is because they LAc an understanding of medicine.