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Science & Enterprise · 8h ago

$10M Cancer Immunotherapy Research Fund Launched

A foundation is sponsoring research grants totaling $10 million for computational solutions to key questions facing cancer immunotherapy. . . . → Read More: $10M Cancer Immunotherapy Resear...
Science & Enterprise · 11h ago

Employer Ethics: Should You Use Tech To Monitor Productivity?

The idea of technology being used to monitor the productivity of employees is a controversial one. . . . → Read More: Employer Ethics: Should You Use Tech To Monitor Productivity?
Science & Enterprise · 14h ago

Bacteria Traffic Tracked in New Hospital

The opening of a new hospital in Chicago offered an opportunity to follow the formation of bacterial communities and their movement in a health care facility. . . . → Read More: Bacteria Tr...
Science & Enterprise · 1d ago

Getting Your Voice Heard Online

It is integral that you have a visibly strong brand on the Internet that clearly states who you are and what it is you do. . . . → Read More: Getting Your Voice Heard Online
Science & Enterprise · 1d ago

High-Resolution Surgical Brain Monitor Demonstrated

Biomedical engineers demonstrated a higher-resolution device for mapping the brain during surgery to highlight healthy and diseased tissue. . . . → Read More: High-Resolution Surgical Brain...
Science & Enterprise · 1d ago

Wearable Heartbeat Simulator Helps Reduce Stress

A device that sends rhythmic vibrations resembling heart beats into the wrist helps reduce stress among individuals facing the prospect of making a public speech. . . . → Read More: Wearabl...
Science & Enterprise · 1d ago

How Tech Is Changing Business Processes For Good

If you’re selling products or offering a service; it’s vital to stay up-to-date with your digital technology, which will ensure that you’re making the most of the business tech available, fo...
Science & Enterprise · 2d ago

Broad Inst., Intel Make Genomics Software Open-Source

A new release of software that speeds and streamlines analysis of genomic sequencing variations is being released under an open-source license by the Broad Institute. . . . → Read More: Bro...
Science & Enterprise · 2d ago

Device Simplifies Treatment for Child Ear Disorder

An engineering and medical team in Singapore created a new device that it says simplifies and speeds surgery for a leading cause of hearing loss in children. . . . → Read More: Device Simp...
Science & Enterprise · 3d ago

Chip Device Simulates Viral Asthma Attacks

A small plastic chip device that acts as a model of a human airway simulated a severe asthma exacerbation or attack caused by a viral infection. . . . → Read More: Chip Device Simulates Vir...