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Science & Enterprise · 6h ago

Neuro Disease Start-Up Gains $30M in Early Funds

A start-up enterprise developing treatments for several neurological diseases that the company says are triggered by a common destructive protein, is raising $30 million its first venture fi...
Science & Enterprise · 12h ago

Microfluidics, Sound Waves Combined for Liquid Biopsies

Biomedical engineers from several universities developed a microfluidics, or lab-on-a-chip, device that uses sound waves to quickly isolate tiny packets of cell materials for detecting disea...
Science & Enterprise · 1d ago

Avian Flu Vaccine with Longer Protection in Development

A biotechnology company is designing a vaccine to protect against the newly emergent avian flu to provide more sustained protection like seasonal flu vaccines. . . . → Read More: Avian Flu ...
Science & Enterprise · 1d ago

Stem Cells Shown to Heal Chronic Leg Wounds

Experimental treatments using patients' own stem cells were shown in a pilot test to heal painful chronic wounds on their legs and feet. . . . → Read More: Stem Cells Shown to Heal Chronic ...
Science & Enterprise · 1d ago

Will 2017 Be The Year Of The First Human Head Transplant?

Surgeon Sergio Canavero is adamant that a human head transplant is doable and can result in a quadriplegic individual, in time, regaining full use of a body, albeit not the one they were bor...
Science & Enterprise · 4d ago

3-D Organ Printing Company Gains Seed Funds

A start-up enterprise seeking to create replacement human tissue and organs with three-dimensional printing is raising $1.8 million in seed capital. . . . → Read More: 3-D Organ Printing Co...
Science & Enterprise · 4d ago

FDA Clears First Mobile App for Substance Abuse

A smartphone app designed to help treat substance abuse disorders received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. . . . → Read More: FDA Clears First Mobile App for Substance ...
Science & Enterprise · 5d ago

Drug Delivery Technology Licensed in $2B Deals

The biotechnology company Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. is licensing its technology for making infusion drugs deliverable with injections to two more drug makers. . . . → Read More: Drug Deliv...
Science & Enterprise · 5d ago

The Four Biggest Money Mistakes A Business Can Make

Many business owners make these mistakes and end up costing themselves the business. . . . → Read More: The Four Biggest Money Mistakes A Business Can Make
Science & Enterprise · 5d ago

Brain-Computer Link in Development for Spinal Injury

A consortium of engineering labs is designing a system translating commands in the brain to prosthetic devices that help people walk with spinal cord injury. . . . → Read More: Brain-Comput...