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It’s that time of year – Baby goats are coming!

The Anglo-Nubian is a British breed of domestic goat. It originated in nineteenth century ... · 4M ago

2017 Kunekunes – favorite pigs

Have you gotten a chance to see our baby “War Pigs”? If you were at the Heights church for... · 9M ago

Raising your own meat – Oathkeepers Preparedness Class,

I love that my children can stand up in front of a group and share everything that has to ... · 10M ago

Oathkeepers – Back to basics in the kitchen

Making life simpler Kitchen tips and tricks   Can you imagine living in a world with no or limited power? I can see a future with no power or a limited time/amount of power that each family can use. What are some of the tools that you have in your ho... · 1Y ago

Harvest Right Freeze Dry Machine

After saving and saving, Larry and I finally broke down and purchased a Freeze Dry Machine from Harvest Right.  Harvest Right has a Medium sized machine… and although it was pricey, I am looking forward to everything that I will be able to freeze-dry... · 1Y ago

Mini Cheesecakes

My Elwyn made these last night… and added a few slices of strawberries in each mini cake b... · 1Y ago

Look at all of the BABIES on our homestead! March 2017

Even with all of the heartache this month, We have had a TON of babies born this month….  ... · 1Y ago

Our family update March 2017

For those who don’t follow us on facebook, March 2017 has been the worst month ever for our family.  The unimaginable has happened to this family …  On March 8th, our son, Breckin was playing in our hay barn (this is an 8x8x8 foot shed), swinging off... · 1Y ago

OathKeepers Preparedness 2/25/2017 – Meals in a Jar

If you choose to not purchase pre-made freeze dried meals for an emergency, and instead choose to purchase #10 cans of ingredients, you need to know “what to do” with those ingredients. When in an emergency situation, the last thing that you should b... · 1Y ago

For Sale this week – 2/22/2017

    Looking for Goat Milk Soap – Visit the Hazel Nook on Road 2 North in Chino Valley. The...