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Sculpting A Life. · 1d ago


The world hums along all day, all night. But do I really hear it? Of course I hear many things around me everyday. We all do. I hear the news on TV or music on Pandora or the latest episode ...
Sculpting A Life. · 1W ago

Creating and Rebirth.

It’s spring. The world is ‘mudlucious’ and robins sing. The lilacs bloom. Peonies bud.  Ferns wake up reaching for the sky. Twig by twig a robin builds a nest on my patio. 
Sculpting A Life. · 2W ago

Showing my Work is Work.

For the last 5 days, I’ve been working to get ready to show my work. This is much like a marathon. It requires months of preparation, hours working out at the wheel, strength training in the...
Sculpting A Life. · 4W ago

Hey Siri, Cortana and Alexa, it’s Time to Stop Fighting.

For years now there’s been an ongoing fight in tech-land. Like bullies on the schoolyard, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Google have all been pushing and shoving to be top dog. As a consumer, I...
Sculpting A Life. · 1M ago

Mondays with Meyer: Answering A Big Life Question - Why?

Meyer wants to slide down the slide. She wants to paint and color. Squish play dough. Cook in her own kitchen. Read books and go for a walk. But lately, what she wants to know: why. “Let’s p...
Sculpting A Life. · 1M ago

Goodbye Studio Buddy, Zen Master and Friend.

It was a shock. Total and complete shock. Everything had been going just fine and then, we woke up Friday morning, but my sweet, silly Jilly did not. The day before was just a normal everyda...
Sculpting A Life. · 1M ago

Social Media Phobia.

I started my social media journey about 10 years ago with Facebook. I looked at it as a natural marketing tool for my art. Little did I know, I was a natural marketing tool for Facebook. I p...
Sculpting A Life. · 2M ago

As the Wheel Turns: The Good, Bad and Ugly.

Working in ceramics presents many opportunities for creativity. I do throwing, slab building and sculpting. Many other people and companies use press molds or slip molds to produce hundreds ...
Sculpting A Life. · 2M ago

Creating an Image.

At first glance, you might think I'm going to write about hair, makeup and clothes or resumes, social media and contacts. As an artist, some would feel the above isn't important, but of cour...
Sculpting A Life. · 2M ago

Life is a Cookie.

Jilly, my silly, sweet, stubborn, smart yellow Labrador loves cookies.  Any kind. Any time. As often as possible, please. You've heard of on demand movies, well Jilly wants on demand cookies...