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Second thoughts first The method and the madness...the silences and the noises of
Second thoughts first · 2d ago

Short Poems for Inspirational Writers - A To Z Challenge 2017 (Theme Reveal)

HAT-TRICK CHANCE as they say in cricketing terminology.This is my third consecutive year at the A to Z Challenge. A to Z Challenge 2015 my maiden challenge was dedicated to the memory of my...
Second thoughts first · 3W ago

Last Tryst

This city witness of my Anniversaries of birth, death and a million in-betweens sprinkled with memories of loss and love of lessons and joys of aging ripening, growing wound...
Second thoughts first · 1M ago

Farewell Notes to Love

I touched love briefly like an eclipse  touches the moon tides and journeys same and yet never the same again you will be a milestone and my whole journey home. ----------...
Second thoughts first · 1M ago

Love Song of a Broken Woman

Muses are not always Greek goddesses Stories often lack mythical significance The chaotic noises in a troubled mind And the hole in the chest Carved where once ...
Second thoughts first · 2M ago


The blank page stares back sometimes silence is the loudest howl HOWL means Ginsberg  the angst of  having a love no one understood walking through life as a grand supermarket a...
Second thoughts first · 2M ago


The world is a voyeur in this souk of words it constantly demands Nudes of the souls mine are mostly self-portraits in pastels and greys palettes get limited by the lenses of joy ...
Second thoughts first · 2M ago


The reluctance of touching A gossamer dream Which could shatter With a careless caress Or a thoughtless word The pain of knowing Momentariness Fragility and  inadequacy Of that rai...
Second thoughts first · 2M ago

Life Oxymora

Familiar strangers Distant intimacies Cold fires Dark Light Lost hopes Living dead Open cages True lies Fragile strength Healed hurt Sad smiles Momentary forever Square Cir...
Second thoughts first · 2M ago

Stories @WomensWeb #MuseOfTheMonth 2016

Muse of the Month December Muse of The Month November
Second thoughts first · 3M ago


memories now like half-eaten corn on the cob too many blanks the fancy terms amnesia,dementia treatments and stages causes and refuges this refuses to be classified just like me...