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Second thoughts first The method and the madness...the silences and the noises of
Second thoughts first · 1h ago

Anatomy of Abuse #ALetterToHer

The vase he threw was not to express his anger or frustration my dear girl, it was - Intimidation the hollow apology was not to undo the harm but dear naive girl, it was - Manipu...
Second thoughts first · 2d ago

War and Pieces

Image : Google Images The victor's loot and the vanquished's shame the woman in every war without a name the destroyed homes as the shadows of  kids' tombstones increases th...
Second thoughts first · 4d ago

Of Ice and Men

Image:Google Images He rubbed her wrong and you looked away She body shamed her and not a word to say  the sexist jokes and the street harassment the discrimination fear a...
Second thoughts first · 6d ago

Life of Pie

Image : Google Images If there was ever a pie chart of things people say to women that cause grievous hurt What all do you think  would figure in there? Do
Second thoughts first · 1W ago

The Fault is in Our Stares

Image : Google Images Is a man defined  by the length of his pants? then why the moral police complains and rants about the length of her skirt or the neckline of her shirt? No o...
Second thoughts first · 1W ago

#ALetterToHer from Agony Auntie

Dear Woman, Hi! Don’t be annoyed about me not using your name. Your name doesn’t matter, nor do your circumstances or identity. You could be an urban, educated, liberal, independent moder...
Second thoughts first · 1W ago

The woman who used to be #ALetterToHer

The first push  was accidental she presumed the wife jokes becoming nastier the controlling the belittling was just foul mood gradually the definitions  were altered silence wa...
Second thoughts first · 1M ago

Catharsis and Epiphany #AtoZChallenge #Reflections

Image Courtesy : Google Images #AtoZChallenge 2017 was my third consecutive one and just like the two previous ones , it came at a very crucial juncture in my life. Battling thro...
Second thoughts first · 1M ago

Z - Zbigniew Herbert (Inspirational Writers) #AtoZChallenge

“I could write a treatise on the sudden transformation of life into archaeology”  ― Zbigniew Herbert Image Courtesy : Google Images Wars that devour homes and replace  h...
Second thoughts first · 1M ago

Y - Yann Martel ( Inspirational Writers) #AtoZChallenge

“You can get used to anything - haven't I already said that? Isn't that what all survivors say?”  ― Yann Martel Image Courtesy : Google Images All of usalone on this seawith mons...