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Indigo Sea Press Emerging Authors. Exquisite stories

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Indigo Sea Press · 2d ago

Lessons Learned in a Bluebell Wood by Sherrie Hansen

My love of bluebells is no secret. They bloom in the woods near my B&B every year in late April or early May. I’ve watched their pink and purple buds turn into intense, periwinkle blue flowers, then fade to a soft, … Continue reading →
Indigo Sea Press · 2W ago

It’s Not Really All About Bill by John E. Stack

Bill came into foster care two-years and nine plus months ago.  Bill was a micro-preemie weighing less than two pounds at birth.  We met him at two months and he weighed a little over four p...
Indigo Sea Press · 2W ago


A new command was given on Maundy Thursday – a mandate – mandatum – hence the name. And in honor of “loving one another,” priests wash parishioners’ feet, kings and queens give coins, and al...
Indigo Sea Press · 2W ago

The Flying Boat by Chuck Thurston

The PBM Martin Mariner was a flying boat that saw considerable action in World War II. It was a long-range sea plane that provided escort duty for convoys headed for Europe and was credited ...
Indigo Sea Press · 2W ago

Rock of Stages

After moving into my house here in Florida I set about trying to decorate it to suit the e...
Indigo Sea Press · 2W ago

Caught in the Middle of a Mafia War “Not My Time to Go” by Thornton Cline

Chapter Seven        If you’ve been following my monthly Indigo Sea Press blog, you’ll kno...
Indigo Sea Press · 2W ago

Abandoned Honor

Mark Wilder is Mitch’s only legitimate son.  After his mother’s second husband dies, Mark begins to hope that his parents will re-unite.  If they do, then maybe his father will stick around more.  But the only re-uniting they are doing … Continue rea...
Indigo Sea Press · 3W ago

Time to Ride!

I’ve been riding my own motorcycle for about thirty-five years.  I love riding my bike.  It’s probably one of the most empowering feeling a woman can experience. My first exposure to motorcy...
Indigo Sea Press · 4W ago

5 The Woods – Return to the House (1985) by LV Gaudet

    The Woods: 1 – The Woods – The Dare (1985) 2 – Thirty Years Later – The Old Bennet House is for Sale (2015) 3 – The Woods – Jesse Hears a Noise (1985) 4 – The House … Continue reading →
Indigo Sea Press · 4W ago

Golden-Haired, Most Fair, Prince Rod of Lachlan by Sherrie Hansen

If Prince Rod of Lachlan sounds like something straight from the pages of a fairy tale, yo...