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Indigo Sea Press · 4d ago

My Biggest and Most Lasting Impression of Rwanda – By Maribeth Shanley

During most of the month of February, I spent my time visiting with Edwin Sabuhoro for whom I will help him write his autobiography. Out of respect for the people of Rwanda, everyone who com...
Indigo Sea Press · 5d ago

Leprechaun Gold by John E. Stack

For years we have been chasing that lucrative pot of gold.  Who?  My daughter, Allie, and I.  For the past several years we have been trying to catch that little green guy and gain access to his gold without chasing … Continue reading →
Indigo Sea Press · 1W ago

I Am Not A Typo, by Sheila Deeth

In one of those “good news/bad news” events last week, I got an email from someone who wanted to buy one of my books. I considered this most definitely good news. She wanted a copy of “Subtraction by Sheila Deeth,” … Continue reading →
Indigo Sea Press · 1W ago

So Many Men…

I have a good friend visiting, 61 years old, who was widowed a couple of years ago after twenty-four years of marriage. We’ll call her Victoria, since it means victory. No relationship is pe...
Indigo Sea Press · 3W ago

I Think I Got the Lividity and How Perceptions Differ by LV Gaudet

At one point, as I lay there, my spouse thought he saw bruising.  It was only shadow.  I s...
Indigo Sea Press · 3W ago

9 The Woods – Kevin Escapes the Tree (1985) by LV Gaudet

“Don’t touch it.” Jesse’s voice is a little too shrill. “It’s nothing.” Kevin picks it up, turning it over in his hand. Jesse turns at the sound of a cracking branch. The boys are never seen again. Continue reading →
Indigo Sea Press · 3W ago

It’s Readers and Writers Week on the Match Game – by Sherrie Hansen

This March, I’m going to be speaking to a group of bed and breakfast innkeepers on the sub...
Indigo Sea Press · 3W ago

I forgot I had Something to Say by John E. Stack

What? Is it time again? Already? But, I just wrote a blog a few days ago. It can’t be time again. I have no thoughts, nothing to write about. I’m sleepy, real sleepy. Can I just go and take ...
Indigo Sea Press · 1M ago

I tidied my Library by Sheila Deeth

The best thing about getting flooded last year is the fact that one of our sons’ bedrooms ...
Indigo Sea Press · 1M ago

Musings of Hawaii

Rob and Florence, my son and daughter-in-law just returned from their honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii. I dropped them off at the airport in Orlando and my grandson, Colby, met them at the airport ...