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Indigo Sea Press · 1W ago

Time to Choose, by Sheila Deeth

The professor called me into his office. I didn’t want to be there. I’d just finished my post-grad year in the math department, and now I wanted out. But I knew, as everyone else did, he was...
Indigo Sea Press · 1W ago

Words & Coco-Words

For some reason or other, many times I’ve failed to find a dictionary word that would work for me, so I guess I’ve always made up words to better explain what I‘ve wanted to say or do, and I...
Indigo Sea Press · 2W ago

Rwanda and Uganda – My Favorite Things By: Maribeth Shanley

So many people have asked me what were my favorite parts of my trip to Rwanda and Uganda that I decided to make them the theme of my May blog.        … Continue reading →
Indigo Sea Press · 3W ago

Those Eyes (Black Eyed Children) – Part 1 by LV Gaudet

A laugh bubbles up my throat, filled with the tension of unease.  I feel foolish.  They ar...
Indigo Sea Press · 3W ago

A New Day is Dawning by Sherrie Hansen

If one thing can be said of my life, it’s that I can’t go through a single day on autopilot. Some days, I wake up in the parsonage next door to my husband’s church in Hudson, Iowa to the sou...
Indigo Sea Press · 1M ago

Examining My Own Mortality by John E. Stack

Something happened to me a few weeks ago that I’ve seldom gone through.  I read the name of a friend from long ago in the local obits.  It really threw me off since it was a person that had ...
Indigo Sea Press · 1M ago

When is a series not a series? And when is a genre not a genre? by Sheila Deeth

I typed “The End” a few days ago. The end of my next novel, Imaginary Numbers: The final scene, where I finally know whodunnit, when, how and why… and I wonder if I’ve rushed throu gh the re...
Indigo Sea Press · 1M ago

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is definitely here in my area of Florida and the scents of blooming trees and flowers abound.  Orange blossoms compete with ligustrum tree blooms and the delicate jacaranda and my fav...
Indigo Sea Press · 1M ago

10 The Woods – The Inspection is over (2015) by LV Gaudet

“Don’t touch it.” Jesse’s voice is a little too shrill. “It’s nothing.” Kevin picks it up, turning it over in his hand. Jesse turns at the sound of a cracking branch. The boys are never seen again. Continue reading →
Indigo Sea Press · 1M ago

Take Two: Something Old, Something New – by Sherrie Hansen

There’s something very exciting about seeing familiar characters in new situations. I love...