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Seeking Boston Marathon An Amateur Marathon Runner's Constant Quest for Running Nirvana
Seeking Boston Marathon · 2h ago

When First Class Isn't Exactly First Class

If you've followed my story, you know I span the globe for work which has lead to amazing road runs. With a ton of travel last year, I'm once again sporting United Platinum and lifetime plat...
Seeking Boston Marathon · 2W ago

Carlsbad 5000: I'll Run For Liam

When I qualifed for my first Boston Marathon, I was outside the qualification calendar (as I qualified in December '09 at the California International Marathon/CIM in Sacramento.) I did not ...
Seeking Boston Marathon · 4W ago

Hello And Be Happy

I had lunch with my 21-yr-old daughter this week. She was in town for an internship day with a local internet company. We met at the mall and had lunch at Nordstrom's. We joked about how she...
Seeking Boston Marathon · 1M ago

VBLOG Update: On Wounded Knee

My latest VBLOG training update. My first podium of 2017!
Seeking Boston Marathon · 1M ago

Counting Sheep: Runner's Guide to Good Sleep

There's a misnomer about runners and running. Training for a single marathon averages 500-600 training miles. Most people think;"You must be in great shape!" (For the most part, I'd say this...
Seeking Boston Marathon · 2M ago

Strike Ten: At a Running Crossroads

This is starting to get old, or perhaps I am.I started my improbable run journey at the age of thirty nine. I never ran in high school, or any level for that matter. In Jr. High, I was diagn...
Seeking Boston Marathon · 2M ago

Patriots Day Movie: Reflecting on Running Boston That Day

My interview with Josh Cox two days prior on BoylstonI was in New York City over Thanksgiving and decided to take in a movie to rest from all the holiday hustle and bustle. As I nestled into...
Seeking Boston Marathon · 3M ago

Happy Holidays From Seeking Boston

A special advent calendar video run greeting from Seeking Boston Marathon. Hoping you all have a fantastic holiday break and thanks for all the support this year. (Click image or click HERE....
Seeking Boston Marathon · 3M ago

My Post Marathon Hiatus

SBM taking a cooking class with the familyWith most of my year in a walking boot, I was anxious to finish the year with a couple of AMAZING races; the New York City Marathon and the Runner's...
Seeking Boston Marathon · 1Y ago

A Runner's Thanksgiving Toast Cheat Sheet: 2016

We are all within a couple days (or hours depending on when you read this) of sitting at the dining room table and most likely one of the elders (could be me,) will start the conversation wi...