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Seize the day Inspiration for creative types who need to seize the day

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Seize the day · 11M ago


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Seize the day · 1Y ago

The Zen of Self-Publishing

The stars have aligned, and you've already received visions from on high. You've decided to self-publish. I know how you feel. I'm in the same boat. Self-publishing is like thumbing your nos...
Seize the day · 1Y ago

Have You Failed at All Attempts To Be Conventional?

Hey, Artist, you started hearing it in elementary school: Gosh, that girl is weird. You remember wondering what the Dickens weird was. In your head, you were a slice of Wonder Bread. And wha...
Seize the day · 1Y ago

Do Your Best Writing But Remember To Frolic

Oh, I know you want to shake the foundations and rattle the bones, but maybe it is time to stop taking yourself so seriously. Humor doesn't win awards but the right touch imbues your work wi...
Seize the day · 1Y ago

This Coming Year, Elevate

Sleeping is a horrible way to live your life. Here at the end of 2016, it's time to wake up. How do I know you are asleep? I have read the writing on the "subway walls and tenement halls." (...
Seize the day · 1Y ago

Be Happy. Do Good.

Happiness must be woven into your art. Create what makes you happy but know this - only you know what makes you happy. After you embrace happiness, seek goodness. Do good. Wherever. Whenever...
Seize the day · 1Y ago

Igniting the Bonfire, Again

FavouriteShares  Have you ever lost heart in a project? You have put in hundreds of hours and for sure you've started something interesting, but then something went wrong. The work stopped. ...
Seize the day · 1Y ago

You Are Worthy

HypeFavouriteShares  Have you ever noticed that you've slid into negative self-talk. It's the bane of my existence. Here's the stupid voice inside my head. "I'm not very successful. I'm not ...
Seize the day · 1Y ago

Fickle Fame and the Reckless Artist

Fame is a fickle thing. I mean, writing your heart out is no guarantee for fortune or even a comfy chair. Fifty percent of all authors make less than $1000.00 per year. Only about 20 percent...
Seize the day · 1Y ago

Life is Necessary for Your Art To Thrive

If you live on this planet, you have suffered or will suffer. We are all fighting battles. It's part of being human. You must not begrudge life when it keeps you from your art. You must live...