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Serenity in the Garden · 2d ago

Electric Blue Gecko Elephant Ears - for a Bold Touch

Electric Blue Gecko Elephant EarsWant to create a bold statement in your garden this summe...
Serenity in the Garden · 4d ago

Collect the ashes in your fireplace now.

never use hot wood ash.... Now that winter is coming to a close you can utilize a valuable...
Serenity in the Garden · 6d ago

Hellebore - An Unsung, Enduring Charmer

from Debs GardenWhat is evergeen, deer resistant, thrives in shade, has flowers and comes back every year?You could answer Andromeda (Pieris) - but it doesn't really like shade.Perhaps you answered Hakonechloa (Japanese Forest Grass) but it doesn't h...
Serenity in the Garden · 1W ago

Happy Valentines Day and Musings about the Color, RED

Longhouse Reserve - Easthampton, NY - a great place to visitValentines’ Day is synonymous ...
Serenity in the Garden · 1W ago

Buttercup Winterhazel (Corylopsis pauciflora) - An Early Spring Beauty

What blooms earlier than forsythia, has a delicate fragrance and is an easy-to-care for  c...
Serenity in the Garden · 2W ago

Some Great Seed Catalogs

“In Hindi, seed is bija or ‘containment of life." Vandana ShivaAh, so true.... One of the most alarming films I have seen in a long time is Seed the Untold Story.  Please get your library to...
Serenity in the Garden · 2W ago

Eeyore's Garden Advice

Plants are always talking - you just have to take the time to listen. Eeyore is very wise.They peek their heads out and say, 'Hey look at me!'
Serenity in the Garden · 2W ago


This is from Proven Winners
Serenity in the Garden · 2W ago

Feng Shui Your Garden - Diagram

Serenity in the Garden · 3W ago

Simple Sizzle - Lemon Daddy Hydrangea

'Lemon Daddy' Hydrangea lights up a soggy scene in one of my gardens. The theme is rounded...