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Serenity in the Garden · 3d ago

Lady in Black Aster

Courtesy Bluestone PerennialsWant to make your flower border come alive in the fall?Plant something with dark green to purple stems and foliage for drama. Add flowers in the fall and you have a winner!
Serenity in the Garden · 1W ago

Picture of the Day-RED in the Garden

Berries of Viburnum pick up that wonderful red - photo Jan Johnsen.Jack Lenor Larsen transformed his home and 16 acres in East Hampton, NY into the garden paradise called LongHouse Reserve. You can go visit this wonderful garden! In one area he insta...
Serenity in the Garden · 1W ago


GOD: Francis, What has happened to all the dandelions, violets, thistle and stuff I starte...
Serenity in the Garden · 2W ago


Trees, the earth’s largest and longest-lived plant forms, are Nature’s gift to us. They provide for our sustenance – giving us fire, fruit, shade, shelter, medicine and soil enrichment – and they beautify our environment.  Fittingly, trees symbolize ...
Serenity in the Garden · 2W ago

Black and White Garden Ideas

Queen of the Night tulips - Dragonfly FarmsBlack and White, the oh-so-chic color combination that we see adorning all the hippest living rooms in \urban settings is just as alluring in a garden.and perhaps even more so because the colors are not from...
Serenity in the Garden · 1M ago

Coleus - Versatile and Easy!

'Sedona' Coleus What plant likes sun or shade - is Fast Growing - Easy to Grow - Adds a vi...
Serenity in the Garden · 1M ago

Varigated Sweet Flag - Rain Garden Plant

Stunning Display at Missouri Botanical Garden Variegated Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus 'Varie...
Serenity in the Garden · 1M ago

Summer Garden Decor - Extend the Day

Summer is here...the magazines tell us to lay back, relax, go to the beach....well, some of us have to work and for us, the back yard garden is our summer in honor of those who are home, puttering away, here are a few ideas to Decorate Sum...
Serenity in the Garden · 1M ago

Looking Forward to New England Grows Nov 29- Dec 2!

Do you know about New England GROWS? It is the largest and most popular horticulture event in the Northeast.   It is a great place to go to connect with  other nursery, landscape and tree pr...
Serenity in the Garden · 1M ago

Stone Slab Steps

In my book, The Spirit of Stone, I have a chapter on stone steps.  They add such character and durability to a garden.  You can use stone slabs to create a series of steps as shown here.Go to the local stone yard and see what they offer. Stone slabs ...